video tour of a little toronto shop

now that i finally have a little me time, alone with the computer…. i watched this super video introducing the little shop in the Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood where i sell some of the kids and baby gear.

I have to admit, i am in awe every time i visit to deliver more stuff. Mary always has so many wonderful and totally unique treasures. im not sure if they are still there.. .but i fell in love with these see-through seagulls which were ingeniously stuffed with trash. freakin brilliant!! and these little owls with funny eyes.. and the sterling pendants sold in the metal tins.. and the massive collection of pins…. my oh my. breathe.

its my little inside joke, but those who know me personally will understand (and likely agree) … i now have a GPS which means i can make my deliveries more and more efficiently. it used to take 1 + half hours just to get to the shop. now i discovered a NEW route, and its only 45-50 min. i know. hig five to the GPS!!

Now.. if some of this snow would melt and life would slow down a little so i can make another delivery of the colourful spring gear….


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