eight years already!!?

Eight years + nine months ago, while working at the Old Navy in my hometown, my girlfriends got together and forced me to take a little test that would change my life. okay it wasnt the test that changed things.  after freaking out about being too young and too self absorbed, i realized how exciting it was going to be to have a little someone to teach all my “life lessons”

9 months later i was blessed with a permanent sugar high, curly haired little diva.  (she came out that way, i swear.)

she was obsessed with fashion magazines — obsessed with eating them. she couldn’t contain herself when she spotted a fancy handbag — digging in, as if it was her own, sorting the contents into colour coordinated piles and moving onto the next… collecting shoes, scarves, necklaces and rings without ever really wearing them.

sometime i panic when i see her standing in front of the mirror fluffing her hair and watching herself talk. she moved quickly from princess to diva. she is extremely confident in her style, which i know should make me proud, but it actually makes me think of the snotty head cheerleader you see in preteen movies. i worry about who she may become.

But today, at the birthday extravaganza i saw just how incredible, smart and wonderful my little diva was. Suddenly her room was too quiet, and when i opened the door to investigate i stumbled upon the diva teaching her friends how to put on glitter makeup (properly), dress fancy and walk in platform sandals. she was brilliant.

scary, but brilliant.

she was so proud of herself after having outfitted all her friends… and for once she wasn’t freaking out that they were “touching her stuff”.

So, Happy Birthday to the little diva. Here’s hoping we make it to 15 and i am still proud of who you become. (yep — 15 freaks me out!!)



One thought on “eight years already!!?

  1. I always saw one or two girls in school (while I was teaching) who seemed to have a style all their own…and I made sure to compliment them when they were particularly creative cause I know how important that is to girls of a certain age. They have moved on in every case I know of to become confident and fearless young women who don’t care if they follow the pack because they please themselves, not others. That is a good thing. Your little curly top certainly looks like one of those. In fact, one young woman here in Elora has been so successful that she has started her own fashion business at the tender ago of 19. She stood out from the crowd then, and she stands out now as she faces life with an independent courage and faith in herself. It’s a good thing. Not a diva, a trend setter. Bravo.

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