the reading machine

a few months ago bee was asking to buy a bookmark from coles books. i am trying, as painful as it is, to  not purchase meaningless little things… i mean a piece of paper with a tassle and a funny face for $6!! you have got to be kidding. But rather than just say NO and starting a whining crying battle, i told her “when you start reading chapter books you will have a reason for a bookmark, and you can have one then.” well well…

low and behold, what have we here…

there was a book sale at the office about a month ago where i picked up some cute books for when she was ready for these chapter stories. first shock was lastnight when rather than watching a movie she picked up one of the books, and started scanning through it. i didn’t think much of it at the time. more like she was just bored and looking for pictures or something. shortly after i heard the book hit the floor, and she was asleep.

tonight i came into the living room, and instead of watching tv SHE WAS READING! now this was impressive, but it was not what had me standing there with my jaw on the ground…. it was the fact that she was on chapter three of said story. grade two and reading like this? all i remember reading in grade two was those lame readers about learning to ride your bicycles, or use your manners — and i dreaded it. i didn’t start reading like this until we were taking our family vacations, and i think i was at least 12 or 14.

anyways, to celebrate the moment i took a break from sewing tshirts and made …

a bookmark.


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