stress. excitement. giddy jumping. freaking out. panic. sleep.

yes… it seems that when I’m stressed my body shuts down — and i hibernate. pass out totally. that said these last few nights might have resulted in the BEST SLEEP EVER!!

now that I’m all rested and the energy meter is full, i find I’m spending every spare moment thinking of bloomin earth coming up…
do i have enough? yes. well, maybe.
should i sew more? yes of course.
should i change my rack? sure!!

but then i remember there are more important things to worry about setting up…
like the exciting news for all my local friends
U ROCK will be teaching a "make your own recycled doll" workshop .. right in my tent space. woo what fun!
i am trying to make it easy for little hands so i found some old super thick darning needles. i also found a produce size bag of yarn balls in an earthy rainbow of colours, and even a donation of material from FabricLand — oh its going to be so cute.. and so fun

make sure you swing by to see the outdoor market, music, crafts and fashion show at the
Bloomin Earth Eco-Fair
APRIL 16 from 9am-3pm
@ Kitchener City Hall, 200 king St west


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