instead of saying have a nice day, the coffee lady said “Be Good!!”

Sharing2, originally uploaded by UROCK recycled clothing + life.

.. which caught me off gaurd, and i actually looked around to see if there was a small child she was talking to instead. but no. it was me, as she stared at my face and smiled…. juuuust like my mom would, with that mom kinda “i am right, and i know everything” kinda smile.

made me think…

this WAS a better thing to say, because we are infact the ones in control of how our day pans out. if your a cranky pot to everyone you come across, at some point someone will bite back. remember all those “rules” your mom gave you, the life lessons? … do onto others as you wish them to do unto you, share your toys, dont interupt, use your manners, wear clean underwear (okay that one may not fit into the moral of the story so well) … well today i realized these little things are commonly forgotten by ourselves, and in the things we are teaching our children.

so today… “be good” and do as your mama told you!!


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