changing the world

DSCN0207, originally uploaded by UROCK recycled clothing + life.

as busy as this past weekend was — two shows back to back — it was amazing and wonderful, and so much fun.

i spent it with great company, but also had the time to talk to the shoppers around my booth, especially a teacher who wanted to let me know my recycled confidence boosting creations inspired a self awareness lesson in her class — but i was on the verge of tears because my emotions can’t handle good news and i didnt have the chance to ask her anything more. i just stood there nodding — trying not to cry like a baby.

this business was started with the goal of inspiring teens to live their dreams, to tell each and every one of them that they ARE talented enough, and smart enough to do anything they want to do. reach high and one day it will be within your grasp. so this, of course, showed me i am exactly where i wanted to be and i too have to keep reaching higher.

but there’s more…
i keep joking with my daughter that i’m going to become friends with Selena Gomez and hold a benefit concert for teens only, with all the “it’s good to be me” disney popstars like Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus… with a dress up party before the show with funky hair + makeup artists, and a room full of only party clothes (for both boys and girls) …

or bringing stories of triumph through the hard times into schools, talking about how (friends of mine) struggled through neglect and abuse to make something strong and wonderful of themselves. there is hope no matter where you begin.

and if all goes well — run the same events for adults. we all need to be reminded sometimes how awesome we really are. ahhh here come the sappy tear drops again. if im going to do this im going to need to control the waterworks lol.

i accept that my dreams will take time (and a little bit of money too). first step — make U ROCK famous so when i approach Selena to say “hey wanna be friends” she already knows who i am … yeah. first step.


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