Step two: accept opportunity when it knocks (fall craft show – Oct 1st – Cambridge)


I applied for this show a short time ago, but alas they were full. Just as I was sitting here wondering what to do with my new found energy, I got a call asking if I was still interested as there was a cancellation. Of COURSE I was!

Okay, I may have hesitated for a minute, but then I thought what do I have to lose… besides I was only going to end up sewing anyways.

You see, my life is very last minute — decide to throw a party only hours before, show up to festivals when they are finishing up for the day, decide to register for events a week before… And of course it usually never works out in my favor. So I’m trying to have a new Outlook, and here life goes and changes the rules, just for me; accommodating just for me. So I say sweet, and “yes! I’m in”

So come see “U ROCK” and “Be Sparkled” at the Fall Craft Show hosted by the Waterloo Regional Police Association from 9am – 3pm, 1128 Rife rd, Cambridge

Admission is $2 at the door, or FREE with a non-perishable food donation.


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