my recycled christmas becoming a contagious christmas tradition

last year i attempted to make everything for everyone on my christmas list. in the end i ran out of time, and had to buy a lot of things, but this year my family has decided to get in on the game and make it a family wide challenge. mind you there are only four of us (five if we count princess bee) — but still a totally fun challenge. and way more my style.

i have started building a list on amazon — it is a combination of both vintage treasures found on etsy, and actual new things someone can hunt for at whatever thrift shops they find themselves at. i was going to use my pinterest, but they have yet to build an app allowing me to add NEW pins from my cell phone so its lost this battle, and amazon’s universal wish list has won.

the rules of the game — only buy second hand!

where ever you may find it is fair game. kijiji, garage sale, thrift store, antique or junk shop.

OR it can be something handmade but must be made from something found. so again secondhand.

ooh it should be so much fun.. i already have so many ideas!!

some of my favorites so far (for myself) …

Product ImageSunflower Antique brass and Czech glass earrings by JennyBunny

Product Image Little Orange Clutch Purse by violetssteamert​​runk on Etsy

Product ImageRed Sun sweater Fall Fashion by KupuKupuBarcelo​​na on Etsy

Product ImageVintage Industrial Repurposed Bookcase Mid Century by ObjectsdeArt



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