Recycled Christmas: ruffled tank


Boredom today took me to this Awesome tutorial generator (thanks Melissa!!) where I discovered this beautiful ruffled tank tutorial, by the talented Alisa Bourke

I’m sure i could have figured this out myself but It’s nice to see and study an actual photograph of a live image, rather than the imaginary one inside my head.

Not sure who this will be for … Maybe even myself lol. I’m thinking it would be wonderful with an adult version of yesterday’s skirt. Lastnight, on my thrifty trip, I found a black sheet with white pinstripe or a heavy cotton sheet with large yellow flowers outlined in black…. Oooh pretty. Could be absolutely perfect for my casual Christmas eve dinner.

I will post the real version (alisa’s) to compare against my own when I’m done-dee-done. Gaw – I wanna run home right home right now and sew! But alas I am stuck at the salaried job for another 6 hours as they need me, and until I’m famous .. I need them too


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