New years challenge… A sketch of the day, a day

I read so many blogs where they have challenged themselves to share one thing a day … New meals, a funny photo, a project… Something they hope to improve upon, or just share.

I can admit with my whole heart that I cannot keep to a plan for very long. I am not good at consistency. Plus, other than my simple monsters, my drawing skills suck. Therefore, to overcome BOTH, my personal challenge is a sketch of my day, once a day. Princess b saw me working on a practice “day” and decided to join in which of course is wonderful… I love that this will help her build both consistency and artistic talent too

Sneak peak…




princess b's version

Now of course, I like hers better. Kids have a way of not being held down by the rules of perspective and direction … And i just love it. My goal is to forget the rules, and draw for the fun of it.

… Starting January 1st


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