Sketch of my day – Jan 9

I have developed a bad addiction To … reading my horoscope. Today, it warned, would be a really challenging day with plenty of resistance in both my career and love life. The advice was to stay strong and persevere because this is the beginning of something great, and It’s coming whether I want it to or not. Clearly it was presently more eloquently, but I like my interpretation. Anyways… It WAS a rough day. Busy at work. And I did have to face some difficult realizations. But this advice also helped me look more clearly to the future… Set some new goals. And if course have some silly time with my babe to make sure she doesn’t fall into the pit of despair as I did.
Here are our sketches of our day…


My attempt at drawing people is sucking more each day. Granted I keep skipping days, and I’ve really only made like 4 sketches.. so today there are no people in my sketch. Instead this is a sketch of my newly drafted “list of things I want to do this year”, which looks exactly as shown… Not much on it. Let’s just say that one is a to be continued…


For Christmas bee made these coupons – free hug, free favor, free clean room. We’ve been having a rough go with life since summer, and lately It’s been really wearing her down. She is sad when the day is ending because she didn’t take enough time to do fun things… Tonight I move to resolve that. Bees sketch is of me swinging her around in a massive movie hug after cashing in one of the “free hug” coupons. But sadly she’s almost as tall as me … And i slammed her into the fridge. Thankfully we both thought it was hilarious… And we’re still laughing now


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