Eager for another swap


After the last swap I said I was good for a ling while.. that was two weeks ago. I went through our junk, and yet again I have 4 bags to trade.

I remember Jung this with my girlfriends back in high-school, where we would bring suitcases of “tradeables” and have a fashion try-on session creating new outfits for each of us. We were so supportive, coming with things we thought would be best for the other girls, recreating their wardrobe, and taking the criticism so well .. putting.yourself.out there to be recreated.

Even more wonderful is that my 9 year old has taken it upon herself to do this with her own friends..

I love my old girls – wherever you may be. I couldn’t have made it though those high-school years without you, and wish you were still with me now.

Time may change things, but the heart.know what it wants; what’s true.

Ok swap. Here I come..
(97 Victoria street, kitchener. 2nd floor above Second Time Around store – 1to3pm, $2/person)


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