keep the funk ALIVE!!

find something your passionate about … and fight for it

well this is my cause… and i refuse to let it die!!

my favorite shop owner is struggling which means her diamond in the rough, RareFunk, has to close. This is devastating to the downtown community as she truly was the only shop of her kind, and Kitchener is already lacking so badly of decent stores. PLUS the shop owner is a pillar of strength, holding together all the shy little artists with as much power as she can. shes our connection to the world, and our base of motivation. she supports all artists and events, even when nothing is coming back to her… she does so much, and if she loses this shop well.. we are all lost.

no I’m not being dramatic — I’m serious. its already very difficult for an artist to survive because we either have another job (or jobS) to sustain our lifestyle, or we are truly struggling to make a profession out of our hobby. without RareFunk we will have nothing. no connection, no retail outlet, no mentor,

Right now the shop is funded by taking a percentage of sales from each artist. sure its a great deal, but its just not enough. for this one month i am proposing artists of the shop to return a portion of their sales to RareFunk as a donation, in excess of the percentage already being offered OR making a one time donation of any dollar amount to the paypal account i have setup. this online donation means ANYone can send some money – and any amount will be greatly appreciated

i cannot guarantee this will stop the shop from closing, but it will be a beautiful thank-you to the never ending hard work Tamara puts into making this a successful business.

so please — pass this along …

and remember, even a $1 will help if we all can afford to give.

click the button below to make your donation



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