i am healing myself, thankyou very much

the sudden and sporadic appearance of my ongoing ailments has finally driven me crazy enough to take my OWN actions and fix the gosh darn issues myself. despite years and years working with many doctors nothing ever prescribed or suggested cleared or even soothed my condition, and frankly im freakin tired. Dont worry, its not some life threatening disease, and to some may seem insanely selfish of me to treat it like it is… but anything that shuts you down during any period of recovery deserves this kind of OMG-im-going-to-die attitude :p

wait. side note. i may also be OCD (obsessive compulsive) because i need to know all sides of the story before i take any action. therefore uber-detective skills have come into play and i gotta research the crap outta everything. therefore — i love google!!

back to my tale of discovery…

Just a few short days before my appendix burst spewing and dripping and gushing poisionous toxins through my body for THREE WHOLE DAYS, i found some extremely dry and ichy patches of skin on my hands. at the time i brushed it off as too much bleach in my sanitizing sink in the kitchen, but now that i look back i truly think it may be connected. You see… over the next few days my body freakin lost control of everything, and probably went into shock which i am still recovering from.  in my mind the little sack that i had removed (my appendix) contained some super powerful ninjas (yes this really IS how my brain functions) and they did an aaaamazing job fighting off all the allergens and stress around me — holding off the devastating “excema” bug. one day the bugs dominated the ninjas, and all my defendors died, leaving me to fight the bugs alone.

later that year i had my first breakout of the “issue” and was told it was simply extreme topical dermatitis ie. excema — of which i have no history of, and never had a breakout before (hence the reason i think its connected to the appendix). anyways. not life threatening right. but what always had me puzzled was it never looked like the textbook photos, and the normal remedies never worked. then during one insane breakout my mother-in-law offered her psoriasis cream and i was relieved within MINUTES! min-u-tes! so i looked that up and it really makes much more sense. blisters that break (ick i know) surrounded by red ichy dry skin, being able to peel thick patches of skin, and common on any area of the body (excema is usually found only in creases of skin, worsened by heat and the sweat trapped in this area. my area was the palms of my hands. even had one doctor say “i really have never seen this on hands without being anywhere else, but it is what it is” – thanks doc. nice deduction) this unfortunately was only a year ago i found the healing cream that i took to my doctor and said “give me lots of this – it works!!”  

but these “little bugs” are tricky… one day the smallest thing will set them off attacking my entire body. other days, when they must be drunk or something, the same thing wont do a thing. omg that’s totally IT! … they say skin conditions are made worse by alcohol — but mine actually CLEARS UP!! i have to drown my “bugs” in alcohol. yes. i have to drink my bugs away!!

no. no that is a bad answer. ok so some other solutions i have come across are a little more holistic

* blueberries are chocked full of antioxidents — so i am eating them like a crazy person, morning-noon-night

* sleep — yeah i love to sleep, so i just need to get more of it

* washing with olive oil — ok this was a big step as it was hard for me to accept that my cooking oil has the power to clean anything over the super chemical astringent burning of the store bought cleaners. so since i need to have hard evidence for every decision, i ran a little test… i played in the garden, came inside and drenched my muddy hands in (pure) olive oil. i then dipped my fingers into a clear glass of water. some of the dirt that i missed made the water muddy, but inside the drops of oil were balls of dirt, and the water was relatively clean… as well as my finger. holy mama — it was awesome.  then i saw this blog where an absolutly stunning-without-makeup girl was offering makeup techniques claimed she started washing her face only using OLIVE OIL. no chemicals, no masks, no peels… just olive oil. i tried this for a few days and as long as you wash thoroughly with warm water afterwards (and not scaling hot like i usually do) it works wonders. AND if you get it in your eye — a little fuzzy for a sec, but no pain!! even seems to help acne as it keeps it moist while it heals. GENIUS!

* consuming more vitamin A + D as they are both noted as helpful to psoriasis. vitamin A is found in sweet potatos (weee so yummy) and D, well, all i know is from the sun. other than taking a vitamin suppliment i am still searching for a food to eat.

* covering any area of issue with olive oil for a 15 min soak – my theory, it pulls the dirt from the pores so maybe it will also pull the tricky bugs out of their little homes…

* other good foods that just help with skin are oranges (vitamin c), peanuts (vitamin B3), avacado (vitamin E), plus fish, eggs and spinach too.


there is another issue too…

this one embarasses the heck out of me, and i think i might actually have to go to the doctor again for this, but im looking right now for any kind of natural suggestion first. my nails are… well … falling off. the blisters are so bad under my nails i can see the bubbles, and they are pushing my nail away from my finger. its not painful, just weird. and i really like nailpolish lol, so i really dont want to loose my freaking fingernails — ugh. and the whole self consious thing… that would totally ruin my day. i read it takes 8 to 12 months for a nail to regrow in healthy conditions.

this is not a photo of my own nails, but its a close representation… except mine you can see the little blisters underneath as my nails are relatively still transparent. google “psoriasis fingernails” to see where im heading if i dont fix this. its crazy gross… and cant really stomach the thought. ugh. okay so that ends it. if your not too disguseted i will continue to post my discoveries (or try since i dont really stick to plan – as noted in the previous post)



6 thoughts on “i am healing myself, thankyou very much

  1. Meg – you also need to boost your body with good bugs..so take Acidophilus – 30 billion each day..open caps and put powder in a bit of yoghurt each morn- gets in your system quicker..buy pills at health food store in 10 billion cells/cap. Cured me of leaky gut in no time…….if you can afford to see a Naturopath – they can be of great help in a quick time.
    take good care…love you always…patrice

  2. Crazy story! I imagine it will take a while to heal – but you are on the right track. I have an amazing naturopath friend if you want her contact.

  3. Have you tried exploring food allergies/intolerances? I too suffer from excezma. Mine had come and go all over my body for years. After being pregnant, an it getting much worse, I started seeing a naturopath. She shared that as your skin is the largest organ, it often shows signs of expelling toxins. We’ve been working on food elimination and my excezma is better than its been in a long time! Hope you find relief!

    • i have personally considered food intolerance – but have yet to talk to a naturopath about it. its in the back of my head that i should… just haven’t done it yet 🙂

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