update on … life

Oh Golly … i have ignored this part of my world once again.. and for a really long time this time.  but here here i come, running back.. arms waiving; legs jumping — rememeber me?

i really have to stop doing that (abandoning one thing while i attempt to focus on another) . i need to find balance between the things i enjoy doing (writing, crafting, dancing etc) and the things i have to do (dishes, laundry, work) — but somehow in this equation the “have to do” activities always win. darn chores are far too dominant over my passions. come on passions… step up your game and get into this show already!!

i say time and time again, that i will pay much more attention to my “loves” — but this time im going to take baby steps to strengthen their presence in my life, trying to find balance between both the chores and passions BUT at an equal level.  little of colum A, and a little of colum B (or right brain left brain. yeah!!)

first step…

uhhh. i dont have a first step. wait no. i do. this … right here is first step.

i will blog — ONCE a week. thats a small enough goal, with little room for failure. im not scheduling a set day, and im not setting a theme. write one thing, once a week. yes. done.

second step…

complete one creative task a week. since my chores are already dominant i have to slowly add the creativity back into my life… so i will sew, paint or create just one complete thing each week (that way i can post about it and WOAH! kill two birds with one stone)

third step …

make time for fun family time. this somehow always got pushed to the bottom of the list, after chores and crafting. i would rationalise with something like “we will go do that awesome thing (minigolf, thrift store, waterpark) after i finish cleaning the house” where one chore would turn into twenty, and then suddenly its night and the time for the “fun thing” was past. it was too late and i mucked it all up. family fun should be TOP of the list. top i say. spending time with my crazy little angel saved me and i have to hold onto that… everyday. not just for me but for her too. but again.. baby steps. im making my goal for this silliness three times a week — game night, family movie night, cooking dinner together, walks, gardening… anything where all of us are involved — together.

… and thats all for now. this whole bundle really should be the FIRST step. once i can fit these little things back into my life, other things will just fall into place.

this is not my post for this week. i actually have another in mind lol. this is like… like the “forward” of whats to come.

(gaw! i just spent my whole break writing… and i didnt even EAT. ugh.)


** UPDATE to the update **

FRIENDS are uber important-o (my spanish rocks!!) i wanted to note that during my crumbling into oblivion stage of life i came to realize those friends who offered verbal assistance were great and all, but what really showed true compassion and caring (and what really helped me return to my normal self) were those friends who didnt take no for an answer; who were physically present in both mine and my daughter’s life. so y’all mean a gosh darn lot to me too. humm making this… step four – find a way to maintain the good friendships, and let go of the bad. and really — if they are that giving, and you truly are friends, you will find it hard NOT to return the love!


2 thoughts on “update on … life

  1. In there you forgot to mention ONE this. Friends, they too are a big part of your life, I know all too well how friends slip when you “put them on the back burner”, therefore like you, I am prioritizing my life with importance’s, goal, necessities and requirements and not forgetting the little people who have helped me mold me into me (wow, that’s a lot about me eh… dang…) Thanks for writing what I’m sure everyone is thinking, now we will as friend work together to get through this ever so challenging venture we’ve set for ourselves!

  2. You’re so right – and so amazing. I’m such a tard because YOUR friendship actually saved my daughter, who in turn saved me. Gaw. So yes.. friends. On a side note – friend will always be there for you, but those who come running to your side, who are physically present, are the keepers. Not just friends by words – but by actions

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