Berries just aren’t filling enough


I’m trying to eat better, for both my body AND my skin .. but I have to say watery vegetables and fruit metabolize in my body so darn fast that I am hungry again within an hour or so. Usually I don’t eat my breakfast until my first break (10am), but that’s bad. That light breakfast (of fruit) should be eaten shortly after waking up, which means I have a little taste if breakfast at 8 am and end up hungry again by 9:30 to which I respond by eating the lunch I packed myself. So here I am at 10am, and I’ve eaten all the food I brought for the day. I know smaller meals more often is also better for our bodies, and sometimes these hunger feelings are soothed with water — but the alien in my belly is being way to greedy, stealing every morsel I ingest, leaving me so hungry I feel like I haven’t eaten a drop in a million years. Eating a full days meals before 10am is probably NOT what they meant with this “more frequent” suggestion. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do about lunch…


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