Confirmations that I’m not a complete freak

I know I sound crazy sometimes, especially when I share my theory that little ninjas used to live in my body fending off the bad bugs in my body, and they used to live in my appendix… But today I was reassured that I’m not totally nuts.

I signed up for a daily psoriasis newsletter, offering natural home remedies found by the author. Some of these things I was already aware if.. and others I realize now are just plain common sense.

“For many of us living in the modern world, we should really pay more attention to our diet. For psoriasis sufferers, this is extremely true … With the kind of stuff we eat these days, is it any wonder our bodies sometimes react this way?

… Although there are many causes of psoriasis, including hereditary factors and allergies, one major influence on the condition of the skin is the toxins that find their way into our bodies. If the body can’t get rid of these toxins through the bowels and urinary tract, it will get rid of them through the pores on your skin …

… For psoriasis sufferers, the toxins also indirectly affect your skin by suppressing the immune system. The suppressed immune system will start to malfunction, and create skin cells at a greatly increased rate. (see! The explosion of my sack of super ninja warriors [appendix] DID start this annoying degeneration) These skin cells then get pushed to the surface, where they build up until they die and shed themselves. This is what causes the scaly patches of psoriasis on your skin.

… It was kind of like my body was making a protest at all the junk I put into it! (agreed! The bad bugs love sugary junk and hinder all healthy growth)

… I started to read labels more and see what was actually in the food I was eating. I stopped buying things like ready made meals, processed meat like bacon and anything that seemed like it had too many chemicals in. I started to buy organic fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh fish and wholemeal bread. (ok. I Do this now too, although, without realizing it I kinda have been pro vegetarian all my life)

By eating a diet with fewer chemicals, my body was able to deal with any toxins without having to get rid of them through the skin. Not only that, but it helped my immune system stabilise itself and function normally again. I began to notice a difference in the appearance on my skin within a week or so, where my psoriasis patches looked less red and angry. (getting there. In fact I can see healthy skin pushing its way up my nail! Yeeeah eggs + spinach + sunshine)”

Please sign up for the newsletter too as there are many other really great tips, and hearing his full story of his process makes me fell less … Less Like a freak. It’s gross what my body is becoming (makes me nauseous thinking my nails could fall off.  Ugh. Ick.. almost puked just thinking of it), but there are others suffering the same, and there are ways to fix it.

Newsletter found at


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