Yeeeah, some long overdue custom tees are finally done

I always seem to run into extreme machine issues right when I need it the most. Thankfully this time I had a friend loan me her machine AND being the new big responsible girl that I now am, I complained to the manufacturer … And they are sending me a replacement part. They were actually really quick to agree, which leads me to think it’s either an incredibly common issue, or something they’ve never seen before. All in all, better than buying new machine.


The issue, the arm hold the foot snapped in half. Best part, I attached it back on with JB weld – which is awesome. So I tested by lowering the arm a few times – and it snapped in a different place.

Lesson learned – an $100 machine is not made for the amount of work I do. If I’m lucky, I get about 10 months out of it. If I’m going to be famous-popular I will need to breakdown and actually purchase an industrial machine. Just wish they were prettier, and not the equivalent of my monthly rent

… But thanks to my buddy, the custom tees are finally complete.





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