Better results than I expected

Whether it’s my occasional 40 min workout 2 or 3 times a week, eating less bad foods or the fact I am walking more to save gas, But yesterday I put on my favorite skirt that I fell in desperately in love with (and bought even though it was too small) .. And it fit. In fact it was loose. Well hooray, but then the same thing happened when I pulled on my favorite comfy work pants and I will likely spend the rest of today trying to make sure they don’t fall off my butt.


I am thrilled. Really I am.. but I was also really happy with the pants I owned. I liked them. Somehow I didn’t think i was going to lose so much in my hips + butt that I would actually go down a size. I just wanted to tone things up, but apparently I was carrying a lot more flub than I realized.

So high five to the Jillian Michaels workout videos!! And I suggest if your trying to lose any amount of weight they are the best as she changes the moves often enough to keep you interested, and they are all multi-movement, meaning not just arms or legs,.but both ay the same time…. Working more areas to burn more fat in less time – my kind of activity. Over + done.

… BUT my awesome (in the true meaning) psoriasis nail issue is NOT getting better. I am trying to cure from the inside out because I refuse to let the doctor remove my fingernails to better administer the healing cream. I eat eggs, spinach and as many vitamin A containing foods that I can, and I get as much sun as possible after work with at least 6 hours on the weekends – and it seems to be getting worse. Time to research a stronger cure…


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