New original tees for new ladies collection

I am proud to announce the addition of new ladies tees, 100% created by ME! Not just recycled by covering an ugly or outdated logo, but recut, restyled and redesigned for my new simply recycled ladies collection. These ones won’t have the characters, but might have “i think I rock” snuck in somehow…



They are still a work in progress as the sizes are still being tested. And of course, so far, these are the only two created.



Tees will be available soon on etsy, but also October 27th at the MADE BY HAND show at the Mississauga international center.

Next to add.. straight skirts in multiple lengths from recycled logo tees. You know the kind, when you go on vacation and buy the cheesy “i went to Hawaii” with a picture if a sunset or flowers??  I personally like a fitted skirt but as it’s the kind of fabric that will show a lot. So, I’m still working on the design as I want to be sure my clothing will flatter any body type.

But … I need some large sized models/testers. I need one of each: size 29, 30, 34 jean in the kitchener waterloo area … Just message or email me to set something up.


3 thoughts on “New original tees for new ladies collection

  1. hilary – thanks i actually thought of you while making them LOL . but price has not been decided yet. you and i will have to chat 🙂

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