The big show is almost here

We are just days away!! This SATURDAY (October 27th) you can find UROCK at its biggest show ever – Fall Made by Hand Show at the International Centre, Mississauga – Hall 6, at 11am.


Free Swag Bags for 1st 100 shoppers • Free face-painting, crafts and balloon animals • Door Prizes & raffles • Thousands of quality handmade gift ideas • Free Parking • Admission $2 (benefiting Crafting for a Cure) .. jeeze I just can’t get over how awesome this show is going to be!

Now as every artist asks, “do I have enough product?” To make sure I’m covered, I have set a goal for myself to complete TEN items a day. First day – 10 shirts. Second day – 10 scarves (wait till you see, they are awesome!). Third day – Ugh. Two shirts. Today – nothing. But today I have a good reason.

Lately my machine has slowly losing power and until today the reason had stumped me. I could hear the motor moving, but no parts were moving. Today I flipped over the beast to check all the spinners and bits. I saw the rubber belt turning the bobbin loader – check. All internal gears also spinning – check. Then … a mega bundle of white thread wrapped around the hand wheel connecting to the bobbin loader. Thread is really not supposed to be inside the machine… A here was a year’s worth!! But Getting to it was even a bigger issue than funding it. Thankfully my little brother just passed along an awesome set of super sharp kitchen knives. I had to stick one around the edge of the hand wheel, and cut the thread from around the gear. I cut the begeebis out of the plastic case around the wheel, but I think I finally cleared enough thread to allow the wheel to spin properly again. But now I have to catch up on a two days of missed targets 😦



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