Mucho multitasking master


Today I sew.. but I also decided I should actually do something will all this new free time I’ve been given and put some elbow grease on this business I run. Takes a lot to keep up with an online business… Complete project, take photo, edit photo, upload photo to etsy, write fun listing, update Twitter + facebook with new item, post on blog about recent listings … And then start on next project.

That being said, I don’t feel productive unless I complete all of these things right away and to do that I feel I must multitask. No. Wait. Not just feel the need… I feel I’m not productive UNLESS I’m multitasking!

On top of this, I also have this insane ich to help everyone else. The man says its a curse (to him) but I actually enjoy it. I like seeing others grow and learn and become famous! Not saying their fame is ever because of me at all, but I like to share everything I know to get their ball rolling. Teach a man to fish, and he will be fed for life right?!

So today, while sewing new monsters for this weekend’s Frederick Art Walk, I am also helping my friend beautify her facebook fan page (two needles + a ball of yarn). Later we will photograph all her creations to share with the world, so right now it really is a work in progress.

And … That’s my day.
Now back to the sewing


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