Sometimes new is better

Usually I’m a stickler for the “use what you have; make it work” philosophy in all areas of my life. Coat ripped – fix it. Dress doesn’t fit me anymore – reshape for the kid. Plate broken – turn it into something else. No vanilla extract – flavor with something else. Make it work!

But just this once, I’m glad my shopaholic personality took over my body for the day, splurged a whole ten dollars (compared to $2) and bought me a new watercolour set.


I never realized just how bad my old set was until I started working with this new set… So bright and vibrant … and premixed variations of colours. That’s a big one because I could never keep the bright colour when I mixed it myself. They all came out kinda gray 😦

But now … Wow


Granted the old set was from the dollar store, and all chalky to touch before I even started painting … could be the reason it sucked. Could be … But I hope all those worries are gone as this new set feels beautiful just swirling the wet brush around in the little pod of paint. Be-eee-a-utiful!


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