lastnight i fell in love… with a car, a house and a place

not very often do i get to leave the house for a girls night out, and even less often do i find myself enjoying any of the James Bond movies to the point i want to watch it again and again and again. BUT, Both happened lastnight while watching the new Bond movie Skyfall. Actually there were a few things i wasn’t expecting. it became clear to me that unlike a lot of girls, i have a huge passion for hot cars – both new and vintage, thus my first “oh my god – i WANT that” happened the moment they revealed Bond’s vintage Aston Martin DB5

thankfully, as DB5s are considered one of the most desirable classic British sports cars, and auctioned for up to AUD$750,000, the producer decided to use awesome digital effects to shoot, blowup and destroy this beauty  again i say, thank goodness. (i may love the car, but that’s not something i just knew… i read it here

my next “woah!” moment was near the end of the movie as Bond + M drove up to his childhood home. AAAAmazing stone house, with an equally amazing interior of dark wood floors, rustic iron chandeliers and secret passages in the wood paneled walls.

Here’s the shocker…. the house ISNT REAL!! it was made of cardboard and wood. Now part of me is crazy impressed because it looks so real and beautiful.. but the other part is sad, because it IS so beautiful.

more photos of the construction process —

Granted it was modelled after a real scottish castle apparently just up the road from this site. “Duntrune Castle is located across Loch Crinan from the village of Crinan, Argyll, Scotland. It is thought to be the oldest continuously occupied castle in Scotland. Originally built by the McDougall clan in the twelfth century, Duntrune Castle was eventually taken by the Campbell clan via”” … AAAAnnd.. some claim its haunted!! totally my cup o’ tea.

So, my theory…  if they can do it, so can i. One day, when i’m famous enough to house built, a recreation of THIS one will be the one – secret passages + all!! that being said.. i want the ghost and the lake too. hummm looks like i may have to find a way to convince the family to let go of it, and me be a movin to scotland.


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