Crafty man for the drawing queen

Ever see those wooden figures in the art isles, designed to help draw people in natural poses? My daughter used to have one before she even knew what it was, but with all our moving, it wad lost. I thought about buying another, now that she’s so into her drawing… But then realized they are just too boring for our life. Saw the idea online somewhere to make your own using rubber covered garden wire (so you use less but still have a nice thick frame) and cloth. I tried wrapping the body with cloth, but it lacked something. excitment??


So thanks to the world of artistic duct tape, here is the lady I think will fit perfectly into our lifestyle.


She definitely deserves a funky name, but I will leave that up to my girl. Tellin ya now, I’m sure it will be crazy like this lady’s leopard skin. But.. I Gotta run as I have a few more gifts to finish for our handmade Christmas.. yes, yes I do like working under the pressure of extreme last minute. A few I will share, bit the rest have to be after the holiday, as I don’t want too many clues floating around the webisphere …


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