Little sick, but super silly


My body is feeling a little less than perfect but my brain… oooh-weee my brain loves this get-better juice. The creative part of my brain that is, where flowers grow on the ocean waves, and ponies run across rainbow skies. Me feeling siiiiiilly today.

That being said, I needed to craft something. I had been ransacking the world wide web for just a touch of inspiration in creating something funky, new and totally “urock” for my collection … but came up with very little. Then, as I tossed my recently acquired ripped kids pants onto the pile of Lycra scraps from my visit to the Tall Pines Private School in Brampton, it came to me. I’m so excited, but I don’t want to give it all away just yet. But these creations are just for girls… I’m still thinking of what recycled wonders I can do for boys…

I also have some new thought on more sofisticated adult tees, and a more grownup phrase too. What do you think of “I think I’m …. smart, pretty, awesome, brilliant, genius, hilarious” with each tee ending in a different positive trait? For the ladies, I have slim Jersey skirts and baggy tees… More scarves for both fashion + warmth…

I am open to suggestion as usual, so if you have a thought feel free to share.

Oh 2013, will you be the year rock takes over the world??


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