I can see the floor!

Every few months I have to not only tidy the craft room, but also purge the clutter. That fabric I just had to have, and then kept for a special occasion… And it never came so its still sitting in a box… Time to go.


Bye bye Styrofoam trees, bye bye home decor magazines, bye bye sewing patterns and jewelry display rack #5… And to everyone in my family’s delight, bye bye giant Rubbermaid of denim scraps!


Scraps (between 2×5 and 12×12 inches. Jersey, denim, cotton, velour) – $2 a grocery bag


More scraps – $2 a grocery bag


Fairly large (yard or more) fabrics – $2 each


Vintage sewing patterns (70s, 80s) – $1 each


Magazines – free!!


More scraps.. sigh.

But my room is beautifully clean + the floor is clear. Stock hanging in the actual closet, fabric all on one wall, completed works organized. Feels sooo nice.

Email or comment if your interested in something. I am available almost every hour of the day.

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