A lil something to make you feel fancy everyday


Every now and then a girl needs to feel fancy, even if you are wearing your favorite worn in denim mini. The holiday trend of sequined everything has me hooked, but rather than just simple sparkle I needed to do it in urock style – a pretty mess


First I added a few more distressed areas by scraping with my scissors and rubbing with fine sandpaper. You could also toss into the wash, let the machine do the work, but I wanted to see the result right away.


Then I added beads + buttons from one of our many collection jars.


And a bit of embroidery for doodley fun.

The skirts are so easy to make (bow that I made myself about a hundred) but I never posted any for sale because I felt they were missing something. Now, I feel good … And more of these beaded skirts will be available in my etsy shop next month.




*if you really want one faster, please feel free to ask. I have almost every size already made. Majority of the delay is thanks to the time it takes to photograph and upload. Will cost $30 each

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