I Need more inspiration …

As a parent, ok even just as a person, when im shopping and fall in love with that shirt in the window, i want to fill my closet with every colour. And … if there are similar styles or matching pieces … well i want all of them too!

Might be all that retail experience ground into my brain and flowing through my blood, but i dont think its right to buy a shirt and then struggle to find the rest of the outfit from within the depths of your closet. You gotta wardrobe shop. Purposely buy styles that blend. Pick items from the same designer and season because they will automatically fit together, and keep things consistent. That being said, i fall for the later more than often, and just buy a whole outfit!

Makes me sad looking at my own line though. I feel im lacking that “wardrobe”effect offering only t-shirts. So … i need a bit o’help from you.

Are you on pinterest? Get on it! Add me, then i`ll add you. Then, each time you add “pins” i will see it on my own wall (I’m in there a LOT. I don’t ever miss an update) so what i ask is that you add thing you would buy for your kids… pants, skirts, sweaters, jackets … anything – boys things especially. If your inspiration turns to sucess, you will get one of the new products, for FREEEEE! i love free.

(And i haven’t forgotten about the 200th post prize i talked about earlier… it will be a fun freebie for ALL my fans, but I need my own computer back to finish it)


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