Warm Sunday stew day


Its a sunny but brisk winter day here in the ole Ontario, and it reminds me of weekends when I was younger. Warm wonderful smells of dinner cooking while mom cleaned or scrubed or organized something. (go figure this is what I do too). Plus rather than buying groceries I realized we have lots of little bits of vegetables floating around in the fridge… One sweet potato, one cup of corn, tiny bit of broccoli and green beans… All together it makes for a nice full pot o’stew. Also I’ve learned, casserole style is what I do best. I am definately NOT the “no food can touch kid”. I purposely mix it all up into a heap! I have to give credit to my first real job back in the day, working in the kitchen of a restaurant. They had preset recipes, and most were chills or soups. That right there taught me the basis of cassarol’in … And, it stuck. So I’m cassarol’in with beef broth today. And.. yeeeah me – I didn’t even need a recipe this time. Can’t wait to eat it


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