Thanks to my fans, old and new

Why couldn’t yesterday have been like today… Sun, no wind … 11 degrees!? Sigh. All in all I would like the say THANK YOU to all the urock fans who stoped by the booth at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival yesterday. It really made my day!! Note to other artists reading the blog… Putting up curtain walls to hold off the frigid breeze is not the best idea I’ve had. Yes we stayed warm, but it created theses massive sails that either lifted and pushed our tent closer and closer to the little cafe across the street, or billowed so big it knocked everything over. I liked the look of my mismatched curtains, but the plan needs to be reworked a little… I saw this one artist who tied lattice work to create “walls, and secured to the ground by cinder blocks. Then I can secure my curtains to the lattice!!


Yep. That’s the plan! Including those pvc concrete filled tubes to weigh the baby down. Again…. Thank you to all my fans, both old and new.

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