What to make, what to make

As a special summer treat, the great Toronto store who carries my line will setup one awesome artist + a craft for the day, right out front of the shop. Guess who was picked for June 22 – U ROCK!! 

Join me between 10-5pm in front of Wise Daughter, 3079 Dundas street west, Toronto – in the junction – to make something monsterific, and totally unique … And then do a little shopping under the U ROCK tent.

Its so great because this same weekend is the summer solstice festival throughout the junction, from noon to midnight. The community will run their regular flea market, plus entertainment, activities and even a ferris wheel!! I personally will have to wait till my show ends, but what a great after show activity it will be.

Now the hardest part… I can only offer ONE craft, but my brain (and pinterest board) is full of so many activities I just can’t decide….


Toilet paper roll monsters?


Salt dough creatures, similar to these cupcakes?


Mini monster dolls?


Cardboard creatures?


Painted rock monsters?

… Which one is your favorite?


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