Me, as a rock


Haven’t painted in a long long long time, but here i am … Painted on a rock. It was our rainy day lazy activity. First we had to gather some rocks. Thankfully there are tons of construction areas around us to satisfy our need. Paints, brushes… all found in our super crafty room…  And low and behold, We became forever etched on solid rock. That means we are famous, right??

Thanks to this lazy day craft, I decided to alter the Summer Solstice Festival craft slightly, and now have the kids create rock versions of themselves! Yep. Cute aaaaand a perfect way to embrace what makes them “awesome”!

Be sure to stop by Wise Daughter during the Summer Solstice Festival and make a YOU ROCK with U ROCK ($2-4/piece) … We have some rocks, but feel free to bring your own. Paints and brushes are supplied.

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