Getting back into sketching

Seeing all these amazing summer scenes sketches from our friends, I figured it was high time to bring back our own “sketch a day” challenge. Bee and I attempted this a few years ago, but life got busy …and it fizzled out.

It was a great bonding time for us, sitting and talking about what was memorable in our day, and usually laughing so hard neither of us could actually draw anything. It kept my brain organized too .. or maybe it was the designated creative time…

We started with doodlers anonymous contest to sketch a portrait. This was a HUGE challenge for me (gosh darn noses!) in skill and confidence. I had to find something good about my face – and not draw it like a beastly alien girl – which is what I see sometimes. Bee did a great job, so quick and easy. I love that she’s so proud of herself.


Mine… After many attempts


Now that its done of course, I can breathe and … I actually like the pic. Well, its not hideous and all scratchy like a cat drew it with their eyes closed.

All in all, this time, if I can get my calendar in order, I hope bee will have an opportunity to meet some great artists at the kw urban sketch meetups, rather than my lessons based on faint memories of high school art class.

So hopefully this is the first of many for us.

My sketch of a berry tree (crabapple?)


Bees closeup sketch of the tree


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