Oops I did it again.

Every year around this time something happens to my sewing machine. Usually it’s that I break something on it … Something I don’t have the skill to fix properly. But this year it’s a little bit worse…

I’ve lost the cord to plug it into the wall during our most recent move.

I like to think I’m handy, but that’s one thing I cannot recreate with plastic bottles and tin foil. No MacGyver stories here today.

We moved over a month ago, and by now I’ve been through, or put away all of the items from the boxes around the house. Yet, I still not have found this one small black cord. My theory for most things is that whenever you’re looking for something you’re never actually going to find it… So tonight I’ve decided NOT to look for it.

Yes. If its meant to be it will return itself to ME.

But truth be told,  I’m rather impatient. For example, when I realize I need a haircut it’s something that has to happen immediately. Like right within that ten minutes of discovery.  Rarely can I wait until the following day, let alone another week, to book an appointment or even arrange for a skilled friend to do it. After driving my family crazy, pacing about and frantically cleaning something while I “wait” I usually end up cutting it myself. Not an awful solutions – but its a perfect example of my impatience.

That being said not sure how long I’m going to be able to “not look” for this missing cord.

Update: Distracting myself by finally writing a blog post was just making me want to sew more. Quite the opposite of what I had hoped. So I dug out an old 1970’s machine a friend loaned me a million years ago and, like most old things, it works perfectly fine. So there. I found a solution… And I think I’m off to sew

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