Just another day

I heard someone once say “the way you spend your New Years is the way you’re going to spend the rest of that year”… But now that I’m older it feels more like one of those made up proverbs cuz it’s never worked out that way. One year I had the best new years ever, spending the best time with the best people. Four months later, all of them were out of my life. Another year I had truly bad New Years, basically standing alone in a crowded room… And still proceeded to have the worst year. I think its just like everything else, you make your own luck. Ok wait, my daughter is really lucky… She wins everything that she enters into… So she just has the luck surrounding her. She’s the exception…

This year I had a very quiet new year, with no alcohol, all by choice. I am NOT expecting that to follow with a quiet non-alcoholic year. I’m not expecting to be alone except that one person. I am not expecting anything of it. Because I create my own fate.

My resolution though… To do more. Not sit at home and read about other people out in the world doing things, making a name for themselves, making friends going places… But ME doing them. Just like the movie “yes man” with Jim Carrey, I’m going to say yes more. A lot more. Starting with the blog… I’m going to write more. Share more. Talk more. Do more.

So this will be the first of many… On the road to my own happiness.

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