Doodled invites for yet another birthday


Spent this lazy Sunday planning the kid’s upcoming birthday… Doodling her invites and making some homemade decorations, while reminiscing about birthdays past.

She told me her best year was the mermaid party – when she was three! Clearly she didn’t get her memory skills from me.  That year I made her this horrible cake. It was only a month after moving into the house, and we had yet to realize the oven cooked a little hotter than it should. In an attempt to mask the awful unfluffy inside, I covered the outside in blue icing creating peaks to resemble water, which I later realized had too much food colouring and it stained everything it touched. I sprinkled graham crackers on one side to look like a sandy beach, placed gummy fish throughout the water and made crabs out of skittles and licorice shoelaces…. It was not well done. It was like the kid made it herself.

But thankfully her memory was that I created a GLOBE covered in beautiful blue water and wonderful sea creatures… Such a creative rose coloured memory.


She’s been through a lot, but every bit helped create the beautiful genius she is today. She has her daddy’s mathemetician brain, and that crazy part of me that’s hopeful to no end, and just plain silly. Those who know me know what I’m talking about.

She has all our good qualities and more. She’s my pride and joy … But I do wish time could slow down a little.

In two weeks she will be eleven.. then 13 … Then 16 with a car … Then 19 and moving out … Then 25 with her own family …

Breathe. Just breathe.

My simple wish (because the mother gets one wish for every birthday wish of her child) is that she always stays close. That she never stops talking to me. That she never lets go of her playfulness. That she remains silly and funny and smart, and she never changes anything just because someone else asks her to.

That’s not too much to ask on an eleventh birthday, right?!

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