Bday gift for the not-so-little kid


This is pusheen the cat. She is fat. She’s lazy. She likes cake and spaghetti. And sometimes she’s a unicorn. We’ve just discovered her, and of course, the kid loves her.

I tried to order the kid a necklace for her Bday, and was a little taken back that shipping was $10 from Chicago. I can ship a tshirt to new Hampshire for $3 – how is it so much for a teeny-tiny necklace?

Anyways … Its against all theories I have about handmade, but I made the kid a tee in her size for her big Bday.


Since its her Bday, the cat is having her cake. And of course, since her awesome mama made it she says she loves it even more 🙂

Somehow etsy is full of recreations of this cat. Is that normal? In fact I see recreations of lots of comic characters … Batman, adventureland guys, starwars … So is there a rule? We can’t copy the little guy, but once they hit the big time its fair game?

So torn on this …

… Now I’m waiting for the night hawk to fall asleep so we can decorate her room for the morning… Hopefully I don’t fall asleep first.

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