The story of UROCK

Once upon a time there was a girl most would have labeled a super nerd – glasses, braces, preppy blouses tucked right in and buttoned all the way up. Of course, she had no choice about the braces or glasses, but the rest of her appearance was designed by fear. She would rather have worn rainbow sock with plaid pants, pink and red when it was still called clashing, or a homemade polkadotted neon trenchcoat. But she dressed safe, for fear of what others may think of her.

After she grew up a little she realized it was rather tiring keeping all this awesomeness buried inside. While trying to work out her “real” self with her younger brother he (intentionally?) played devils advocate with every item she expressed like for. Growing weary of her younger brothers tormenting she said “well I don’t care what YOU think. I think I rock!”

And to this he said, “fine, just put that on your shirt!”

So in early 2007, UROCK was born to help others like herself, build confidence in themselves.

Don’t try to be something your not, just to impress people. Don’t act a certain way just because someone told you to. Be who you really are – because who you really are is probably really awesome!!

Be strong. Be confident. Be real. BE YOU.


ABOUT MEGAN (the designer)

i may or may-not live in a bubble of  Disney fairytale, where true love does exists and there are always happy endings.. and people still have manners, girls wear dresses, marriage is a happy loving gesture and somewhere fairies even exist ♥  i cannot go anywhere without my phone, as its my camera, dictionary, notepad, connection to social media and of course my “Google Machine” that i can ask any question that pops into my head at the exact second i think it ♥ i believe in soul mates, destiny, fate and the supernatural too ♥ i wish i could really drive a race car, with fancy moves and slick turns ♥ music takes me away, cures all my pain and eases all my woes ♥ i planned on going to university for journalism… but i let someone tell me that wasn’t who i really was ♥ i love real hip hop, with strong beats and deep words ♥ i love to mix patterns and colours ♥ i believe someday independent artists and musicians will be more popular than corporations ♥ i put ketchup on everything ♥ ♥   i taught myself to sew on an old 1950’s industrial machine, where the tension was always off and the foot pedal was broken so i could only operate it by hand, which meant it took forever to make anything ♥  i am told i never act my age, and thanks to my genes – i don’t look it either ♥  i dont walk. i pot-a-bourre, pique, pirouette, jete. Everyday i see my daughter is becoming more like me… and i love it ♥  after all these years of thinking “i dont fit in”, i am finally proud that i am different