First geo-caching adventure success!

With everything closed on the holiday the shop-a-holics were left with little to do… Except one thing they’ve been wanting to checkout for years. Geo caching.

the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.

So today I downloaded the app from and found a few right near our house (and in the way to Tim Hortons!). The kid gathered a few “treasures she could pass along, and we were off.


We followed Google maps until we went off the trail, and then had to use the app compass to find the exact spot.

Let me tell you, this one took us a bit because we had no idea what we were looking for, but eventually we got down into the muck and saw it really was simple.

Bee made the log notes and I transferred the loot.



A good day. And a good discovery of yet another trail just around the corner.

Bday gift for the not-so-little kid


This is pusheen the cat. She is fat. She’s lazy. She likes cake and spaghetti. And sometimes she’s a unicorn. We’ve just discovered her, and of course, the kid loves her.

I tried to order the kid a necklace for her Bday, and was a little taken back that shipping was $10 from Chicago. I can ship a tshirt to new Hampshire for $3 – how is it so much for a teeny-tiny necklace?

Anyways … Its against all theories I have about handmade, but I made the kid a tee in her size for her big Bday.


Since its her Bday, the cat is having her cake. And of course, since her awesome mama made it she says she loves it even more 🙂

Somehow etsy is full of recreations of this cat. Is that normal? In fact I see recreations of lots of comic characters … Batman, adventureland guys, starwars … So is there a rule? We can’t copy the little guy, but once they hit the big time its fair game?

So torn on this …

… Now I’m waiting for the night hawk to fall asleep so we can decorate her room for the morning… Hopefully I don’t fall asleep first.

Doodled invites for yet another birthday


Spent this lazy Sunday planning the kid’s upcoming birthday… Doodling her invites and making some homemade decorations, while reminiscing about birthdays past.

She told me her best year was the mermaid party – when she was three! Clearly she didn’t get her memory skills from me.  That year I made her this horrible cake. It was only a month after moving into the house, and we had yet to realize the oven cooked a little hotter than it should. In an attempt to mask the awful unfluffy inside, I covered the outside in blue icing creating peaks to resemble water, which I later realized had too much food colouring and it stained everything it touched. I sprinkled graham crackers on one side to look like a sandy beach, placed gummy fish throughout the water and made crabs out of skittles and licorice shoelaces…. It was not well done. It was like the kid made it herself.

But thankfully her memory was that I created a GLOBE covered in beautiful blue water and wonderful sea creatures… Such a creative rose coloured memory.


She’s been through a lot, but every bit helped create the beautiful genius she is today. She has her daddy’s mathemetician brain, and that crazy part of me that’s hopeful to no end, and just plain silly. Those who know me know what I’m talking about.

She has all our good qualities and more. She’s my pride and joy … But I do wish time could slow down a little.

In two weeks she will be eleven.. then 13 … Then 16 with a car … Then 19 and moving out … Then 25 with her own family …

Breathe. Just breathe.

My simple wish (because the mother gets one wish for every birthday wish of her child) is that she always stays close. That she never stops talking to me. That she never lets go of her playfulness. That she remains silly and funny and smart, and she never changes anything just because someone else asks her to.

That’s not too much to ask on an eleventh birthday, right?!

Just another day

I heard someone once say “the way you spend your New Years is the way you’re going to spend the rest of that year”… But now that I’m older it feels more like one of those made up proverbs cuz it’s never worked out that way. One year I had the best new years ever, spending the best time with the best people. Four months later, all of them were out of my life. Another year I had truly bad New Years, basically standing alone in a crowded room… And still proceeded to have the worst year. I think its just like everything else, you make your own luck. Ok wait, my daughter is really lucky… She wins everything that she enters into… So she just has the luck surrounding her. She’s the exception…

This year I had a very quiet new year, with no alcohol, all by choice. I am NOT expecting that to follow with a quiet non-alcoholic year. I’m not expecting to be alone except that one person. I am not expecting anything of it. Because I create my own fate.

My resolution though… To do more. Not sit at home and read about other people out in the world doing things, making a name for themselves, making friends going places… But ME doing them. Just like the movie “yes man” with Jim Carrey, I’m going to say yes more. A lot more. Starting with the blog… I’m going to write more. Share more. Talk more. Do more.

So this will be the first of many… On the road to my own happiness.

2013 in review

The wonderful WordPress helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for my blog. Want to take a look see?

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,900 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 32 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

… Readers from 73 different countries – not bad. But my new years resolution (like most bloggers) will be to
Create more. Write more. Share more.

A big THANK YOU to all my readers and shoppers. Without you there would only be me … In a tiny room … overflowing with funny tees, silly dolls and mountains of scrap fabrics.