D for Distraction

i need some kind of machine that will type right here in the blog, as i think the words, while im sewing-painting-grocery shopping. yes … i have all the ideas, and intentions of posting. but never sit down and do it.

biggest distraction to keep me from posting is that we were looking for a house. either to rent, but mostly to buy. both the man and myself love the old century two story homes, but now we realize so does everyone else. once they have one, they arent letting it go. so we save some more… and keep our eyes open. but we did find a gorgeous place to rent in the meantime.

we need to vintage it up a bit… mixing some old with their new. but otherwise its just perfect. the man is the shiny new, and im the rusty old…. ahhaha omg if you know me personally that is all too true.

my other disctaction…

reveling in my daughters art. im partly stunned that its just so great, but then thats a mother thing. anything you child creates is a masterpiece worthy of wall space at the Louvre. this work is from her own ‘distraction’ moment, while we were at the funeral of our brother-in-law she decided to capture the moment in art. see the giant pizza eating dragon thing. not sure where he was… but if you look … (weapy moment) the ghost is there too.

darn tears.

i have been keeping myself suuuper busy, to keep my mind off of that particular moment, and just for a second there i thought i was finally ok. onto a new distraction…

a funky orange dress for the Bloomin Earth show. im the host, so i have to loook grrreat! but i will also have my booth, of which orange is my thing. i know im skilled in this particular area (clothing making) and i should just MAKE my dress… like usual… i have to shop around first


vintage sassy :: kimms attic

i LOVE this dress. im small… but not this small.


vintage 80's party dress :: ggiotta

this one is PERFECT! but expensive… and perhaps a little over the top for a eco-festival.


i have a wee bit of time still so as i pack the craft room i will be searching for eco-looking orange + pinks.

fingers crossed.

Time for C

…for chocolate.
Not the kind u eat…. although I won’t be turning any of that down this weekend… or any time. As I was looking thru my closet for a funeral appropriate dress I found myself wishing I owned a chocolate brown dress…

Here are a few I think I need to buy… (or make myself)

Backless brown from estudio chocolate

Full skirt long sleeve from memphisvintage

the letter B

and today’s word is … BUTTER

did you know you can remove butter (or any kitchen related grease issues) with FLOUR?

Step 1 – Scrape any excess butter gently from the material with the dull side of the butter knife. Use a lifting motion so as to not grind the greasy substance further into the garment.

Step 2 – Sprinkle a pinch of flour onto the stain and gently rub it into the spot. The flour will absorb some of the grease and will extend the amount of time the garment can wait before being laundered.

Step 3 – Turn the garment inside out and slide a folded towel in between the layers of fabric. Pour a dime-sized drop of concentrated laundry detergent onto the stain and rub it in.

Step 4 – Launder the garment in the hottest water appropriate for the fabric. Hang it to air dry. If the stain remains, treat it again with the laundry detergent before rewashing it. Do not put it in the dryer until the spot is completely gone as the heat will set the stain if any remains.

How DO i come up with these things? oh its baffling, shocking and totally true. my brain… is THAT random. aaand (secret trick) then i Google the random words i think of … this time butter + clothing. in fact there was even a line of clothing called butter clothing. that part was shocking. oh wait, i mean… yes im that knowledgeable.

making a goal

remember waaay back when i gave myself the ‘challenge’ of writing everyday, dedicating a daily post to a letter of the alphabet. yeeeeah…. well. im not good at following rules, even if i did make them myself. then i tried to submit this blog (with its new name) to a blog catalog with hopes of increasing my traffic. shocking to myself they said im ineligible. not enough posts. too new. well…

to force myself to actually DO something every day, give myself a goal or two…  i would like to try again.

this means today is brought to us by the

Letter A

for alligator


alligator velvet :: designers guild

i randomly searched lime green alligator, and was struck with love-at-first-sight with this beauty. i think it would be absolutely stunning in my little abode!!

and then i can kick it in these while lounging on my new sofa. can u even call something this nice a sofa??

B for blouse

i always thought that word was just an old sounding word… but then i cant think of any other way to describe the blouses i find myself attracted to. (nor can i think of another word to describe a ladies button up shirt)


i love the fitted secretary style blouses, in light sheer fabrics… even with the bow ties


as well as baggy pirate shirts.

you see why its so difficult to keep my line consistent… im in love with everything. well almost. im not a fan of this blouse… https://i2.wp.com/images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/150.jpg

its the sleeves that kill me. and no hippie like flared sleeves. you wont see me wearing – or making- anything like that