A lil something to make you feel fancy everyday


Every now and then a girl needs to feel fancy, even if you are wearing your favorite worn in denim mini. The holiday trend of sequined everything has me hooked, but rather than just simple sparkle I needed to do it in urock style – a pretty mess


First I added a few more distressed areas by scraping with my scissors and rubbing with fine sandpaper. You could also toss into the wash, let the machine do the work, but I wanted to see the result right away.


Then I added beads + buttons from one of our many collection jars.


And a bit of embroidery for doodley fun.

The skirts are so easy to make (bow that I made myself about a hundred) but I never posted any for sale because I felt they were missing something. Now, I feel good … And more of these beaded skirts will be available in my etsy shop next month.




*if you really want one faster, please feel free to ask. I have almost every size already made. Majority of the delay is thanks to the time it takes to photograph and upload. Will cost $30 each

I can see the floor!

Every few months I have to not only tidy the craft room, but also purge the clutter. That fabric I just had to have, and then kept for a special occasion… And it never came so its still sitting in a box… Time to go.


Bye bye Styrofoam trees, bye bye home decor magazines, bye bye sewing patterns and jewelry display rack #5… And to everyone in my family’s delight, bye bye giant Rubbermaid of denim scraps!


Scraps (between 2×5 and 12×12 inches. Jersey, denim, cotton, velour) – $2 a grocery bag


More scraps – $2 a grocery bag


Fairly large (yard or more) fabrics – $2 each


Vintage sewing patterns (70s, 80s) – $1 each


Magazines – free!!


More scraps.. sigh.

But my room is beautifully clean + the floor is clear. Stock hanging in the actual closet, fabric all on one wall, completed works organized. Feels sooo nice.

Email or comment if your interested in something. I am available almost every hour of the day.

here’s hoping for another great day…

despite my never ending sneezing and occasional hot flashes of this incredible unbeatable cold i had such an amazing day at the creative spark winter market… great talks, plenty of inspiration… and a ton of things added to my christmas shopping list.


WHAT? you missed it???

lucky you, there’s one more day. so come on. creative spark winter market

here are a few of the goodies i wish i owned

Chicken Pox wooden wall art by kukucaju

kukukaju – Pirate Pip wooden wall cutout

fairlyfrosted.com – vegan cupcake and delightful treats (guelph)

Spiral Copper Wire Necklace. $31.00, via theinspiredi.etsy.com

stonehouse pottery

Michelle Miller Jewellery — i need one of everything!  mimijewellery.com

most realistic Owl sketch —laurenellis.ca

Katie MClellan “dudes” — we just love these katiemclellan.com

jWare : Mugs jware.ca

finally listed, recycled scarves

Feeling a little under the weather today, which makes it a perfect day to sit infront of the tv all cozy like, and post all the goodies i have created lately. Just a note for CHRISTMAS SHIPPING — canada post indicates all items must be mailed by December 10th (canada + USA). expedited shipping can be done, but please email for quote before purchase.

extra long velvet blossom upcycled scarf

super race car upcycled scarf

spaceship awesome upcycled scarf

extra long funky upcycled scarf

wild tiger upcycled scarf

rainbow striped upcycled scarf

CAREBEAR and clouds upcycled scarf

Doodle bags are back! and so much fun …

i had a thing for leather bags. ok. i still have a thing for leather bags. Mostly because i tend to spill everything i touch, and leather (or pleather) is easier to clean. for this reason they will usually stay looking fresh and new longer than a cloth bag in my possession. today  i was super tired, dizzy and plain out of it as i may or may not be getting sick. all i could handle doing was a little gentle cleaning, which i also like to call “organizing this tiny area right here in front of me until i can move to the next area”.  for most of the day this area was infront of my closet where i store my collection of handbags. and yes, this is officially a collection because most i have still yet to use.

as i silently counted the number of bags i have not used the little voice in my head screamed “get rid of them already!!” then in a wink of an eye, i found sharpie in hand and a half a dozen bags doodled upon and surrounding me on the floor. well well… isn’t that better.

these lovely bags, and perhaps a few of their friends, will be for sale at the craft show this weekend. come see me to get your favorite or … drop me a line if you just cant wait 🙂