Builing excitement leading up to spring shows

The giddy anticipation if something new, the fear of not being prepared, the joy if being loved … I love it all!

Two big shows coming up so now its like super giddy anticipation.

April 6th – maple syrup festival, Elmira ON. Urock will be near the pony rides, so make sure you come say hi!!

April 27th – bloomin earth festival, downtown Kitchener, ON. Urock will be near the kids crafts + games

… Now to get painting. New screenprint, new gift cards, new mini dolls … 

funny little guys have returned

JESTER JOHNNY recycled doll TEENY TINA recycled doll LITTLE BETTY BUTTERFLY recycled doll MISTER MUSHROOM recycled doll Just uploaded a return of this collection — Mini Keychain Recycled Dolls.

these little fellas first appeared way back when U ROCK first began. after looking through some fan photos i was reacquainted with their cuteness, and started pulling them together again. i was going to wait until Bloomin Earth, but they were begging to be shared and they are just so gosh darn cute in their mini-ness… i couldnt hold them back any further.

here are a few more items recently listed…

MISTER MAXWELL recycled tee - youth XL PAISLEY PETE recycled tee - 12-18 months LITTLE TIMMY TOOTH recycled tee - 18months FREDDY FERNS recycled tee - 6-9months PINKY PETUNIA recycled tee - 5 years BEAUTIFUL BRIDGET recycled tee - 8-10 years JUNGLE JACKIE recycled tee - 4 years BETTY BUCKTOOTH recycled tee - 3 years

i hope to have a good selection of all sizes ranging from itty bitty baby to big daddy. but gosh, it is taking longer than i like… pin, sew, paint, dry, photo, upload, edit, post post post… lather rinse repeat. i set aside an hour to do all this posting, and i think “woo! im going to get all these 25 items listed!” and i end up posting maybe 5. sigh. have to sleep now… will post tomorrow after work

same bat time, same bat channel…

man with no name

its sad… but this little man is nameless. nothing other than mr octopus face comes to mind. on one hand i feel that would be acceptable since i am essentially making fun of stereotypical images — but on the other hand, i dont want anyone to get the wrong impression. he IS just a regular person, and deserves to be treated fairly. kindly. not just about the silly name his super mustache makes us think of.

we are more than the nicknames people give us!!

so.. i open this one up you YOU.
help me find his REAL name + a describing word about him (ie. marvellous maxwell)

the mustache boys

the boys are done!

but after carrying them from the sewing room… to the painting studio (our basement) … to the photo studio (the princesses room)… i discovered they are kinda heavy.  i think mailing them to anyone would just be too expensive. who wants to pay more in shipping than the actual cost of the item?

for a moment i considered stuffing them with softer, fluffier and lighter scraps, but their weight and solidity (is that a word?) is what makes them better than other stuffies.

this means… the dolls will only be sold in stores (rarefunk or wise daughter) or as a custom order (where the order-er comes to pick it up)

daydream, coffee, sew … done

i been asked many times how i create such unique characters, rather than explain simply that its a really long process of trial and error and a lot of digging through my giant pile of scraps… i thought i would just share a photo montage

step one ... that came together pretty fast

step two ... figuring out the mouth

step 2.5 ... hummm maybe this mouth

back to the pile ... trying to find something perfect

step 2.5 ... ah-ha! a mustache is perfect!!

making sure the office desk has all its necessary tools

time to stuff him full of tiny scraps

shazam! -- and he's all done

ready for paint... along with his boyyyys

that whole process took about an hour. a few spacey moments might have made this longer than it could have been, but it too is all part of the process. soon these men will be joined by their dainty, glittery and floral ladies that i cut out lastnight while watching a movie (must have been great, since i cant remember what movie it was)