fan photos

i was sitting here, sifting through all my photos (even on a three month old computer we have accumulated 1200 photos!!) and came across some awesome fan photos…. so i thought wouldnt it be fun to share? and maybe make this a regular feature??!!

i love seeing everyones smiling faces, and extreme joy in their UROCK tees. please show off your UROCK purchases by joining the facebook fan page, or the flickr group. both have areas to upload your family photos (but be reasonable — i will delete the pic if your not actually wearing creations by urock)

doctor prescription: have 100 people say they love you

just today i realized “holly smackers – i DO rock”.  i have been giddy and excited about sharing UROCK … i am shy no more. which is a great feeling but this sudden change only lead me to question why. i tried to convince myself that i was good enough and people liked what i made, since i started the line. sales were good, stores were selling my things, customers were saying great things…. but still i felt i was lacking. like i hadn’t quite made it and i wasnt good enough. i was too shy to admit i was the artist, and too nervous to seek out new stores to carry the line.

now suddenly after a slow few shows i feel the complete opposite, and i am confident and proud to admit “i made this stuff”!

and now your wondering why too eh? its all of you — my fans. a few moths ago i noticed there was a huge increase in the number of readers to my blog, and viewers of my fanpage. i hate to admit it but i am that girl that needs to be told everyday that you love her. actions do not speak louder than words for me…. especially those words that boost my ego.i need to hear them, and see their love on my fanpage.

what better way to show my appreciation, than to offer a custom made peice of what they love!!

when i realized my fans cured my lack of confidence, i had 119 fans. thrilling, but then i wanted to reach higher. if 119 people can motivate me to blog more, sew more and break out of the “i dont think i want to be famous” box… then i wonder what 200 fans could make me do.

help me reach 200 fans in facebook, and i will randomly select a winner or one custom made UROCK item.

it was going to be just from the current fans, but that puts a lot of pressure on them… and my whole goal is not to let anyone tell you who to be, or more specifically what to like. UROCK wants you to not follow the crowd. better yet, i want you to like the line because it thrills you, not because someone told you to. so i have opened up the contest to all the fans, new or old.

i will think of something for all those 119 fans who helped me get here (i already took note of who you are) because it means so much to me that you helped me get this far

… something

… something great!

fan appreciation!!

Just for you, because you love me so

… i am offering a SUPER HOLIDAY SPECIAL with showtime prices for all custom orders placed this week.

currently in my repertoire i have the skill to make …

  • bottlecap jewelry $3 each
  • button and bead necklaces + pins (possibly from or including some memorable item) $5 depending on details and available supplies
  • totebags, $35
  • lunchbags (smaller totes – no zippers) $15
  • ties $15
  • tshirts $15kids – $20adult
  • skirts $30 for single layer $40 for double layer
  • simple cotton pants $25
  • and the ever popular recycled dolls ranging from $15 to $20 depending on size

orders must be placed by the end of this week, DECEMBER 11th to ensure i get them to you by DECEMBER 18th. and of course CHALLENGES ARE ACCEPTED and will be priced according to skill.. if i have it.

contact me at

please allow one week to create. pickup at my house would be appriciated, or allow one week for mail
thank you for following, tolerating and sharing all the love you have for U ROCK

Never never never give up

not all shows will work out the way you planned. the trick is getting back into the game. taking a lesson from the experience, instead of letting it break your heart and depress you.

sit back and take a look at the day. see if you can find an obvious flaw. was the weather bad? were there actually shoppers at the event? was your table setup around a corner that nobody ventured, or at the end of a long row? was it near the focus of the day, or did it feel like you were stranded on the edge of a desert? were the shoppers carrying bags from other vendors, or look as though they didnt plan on shopping? were there actually shoppers at the event – did you tell anyone you were going to be selling your creations here?

if none of the above happen to fit, perhaps it something you may, or may not, have done. was it hard to see what you were selling because items were squished onto a rolling rack, or laying flat on the table?  did people run screaming when they saw the price? were you always at your booth? did you greet people naturally or pressure them to buy something… think of those awful shopping experiences you’ve had where the sales person annoyed you so much you just left… were you that person today?

or … did you stand like a lump with a smile painted on your face, not speaking a word? that last one is my personal faux-pas. thoughout the day i get randomly shy, and suddenly i find myself afraid to say a word. for this reason i try to recruit a friend who is never afraid to step in and chat about my creations. for a while now my cheery-chatter has been in Egypt on a very very long vacation (miss you) — so i took a deep breath .. and opened my mouth to speak. all went great after that. i found those that i didnt talk to wandered away, and i dont blame them.

Even if the weather is bad, or there are only three shoppers wandering the venue, a pleasant smile and comfortable chitchat can turn them into actual sales and perhaps even dedicated fans.

Don’t think its ONLY your attitude that effects the sales. your setup matters too. take a step back from your table/setup… can you tell what your selling? do you have a favorite one on display? are you dressed appropriately, matching your table or brand (yes. you are part of the display). do you have levels on your table to maximize the space, and create an eye-catching display? is there too much colour? is there not enough? perhaps the tablecloth is all that needs changing. do you have a sign large enough for shoppers across the room to see? all these little details matter when trying to attract attention to your little shop.

i just want to say… dont loose faith in vending at shows because you had a bad one. my first year was filled with awful shows to the point that my whole family questioned why i even bother. its an incredible opportunity to learn about your clientele, opinions of your product, as well as yourself.

find your mistakes (your faux-pas) and fix them. never never never give up. turn a negative into a positive. dont let the devil get you down.   so many positive reinforcement sayings running through my head … did i mention never give up?

REMEMBER: September is Self Improvement Month!!

is your mind already made up?

i like to think i can read a person, as to whether they are good … or bad … mean … or nice… but character is not something you can see right away.  i LOVE when i discover how wrong i was about a person. your screaming “WHAT!?” right now, i know. but its true. it’s like a big kick in my face making me realize “oops i did it again” and made a rash judgment before i got to know a person on a deeper level. brings me out of that cloud of obliviousness i sometimes live in.

Take today for example… a friend started a blog. i was completely supportive, but only because she was a friend. i had no idea what her skills, opinions or education on the matter were– nor did i even consider the fact that she may have any of those things. omg this is hard to get out without hurting anyone’s feelings. i didn’t expect much. some blogs are not exciting enough to encourage me to keep reading, or even to check back on a regular basis. you know when you read some blogs and its just a general recap of a persons lackluster life. okay, that’s mean. i didn’t think it would be bad (please dont think thats what im saying) i just didnt expect what i got.

i just finished reading her first official post… and i was shocked into giddiness … it was incredible AND exciting AND totally makes me want to read more and more and more…

and then i felt bad. i didnt even give her a tiny bit of credit when she said she was going to write. would a bad writer really put so much effort into a the design and tone of her first introduction to the world like this? would an unintelligent person really want to share their opinions for others to hear? no. so why didnt i think she would be great?!

don’t get me wrong. it is NOT that i think i’m the only person who can write a blog. i think just the opposite. i dont think i can write. the reality of this situation is that i am oblivious to others actions sometimes, and forget how that may hurt people. how subconscious judgments can be harmful.

This past weekend i found myself in the reverse of this situation, and it really got me thinking about these judgments we make. as much as i love creating these fun and outgoing tshirt, i just might be the shyest person on earth. i’m okay meeting new people — if they talk to me first. but if they are complimenting me on something, i would rather hide under a rock than stand there. i dont get why… but i dont take it well. i feel like they are over exaggerating .. and i still (after all this time) don’t think i’m deserving of their praise. probably a low self esteem issue too. hence the reason i created the slogan “i think i rock” … not to tell you how awesome i am, but to help myself believe it.everyone needs a boost in their self esteem, myself included.

so, since i have yet to overcome this lack of self esteem, when i am around new people i find other things to do, like really intense shopping LOL.

during a moment of shyness, and in an attempt to avoid an uncomfortable conversation, i was introduced to a fan. a big fan. to my dismay, my shyness came off as rudeness, and long story short, she thinks i am an horribly mean person, and will never buy UROCK again. i was shocked. i was judged for all the wrong reasons.

she had such a high opinion of what type of person i was … before even talking to me; before even meeting me. this in turn hurt her feelings, which then hurt mine. i fear my lack of putting someone on a pedestal may have potentially hurt someone.

so gosh darnit! dont judge people without getting to know them.

and really, if you DO know them its not a judgement. it would be fact. ie. she likes fish, instead of she looks like she would like fish. i feel like an english teacher, but see the difference??!

i may not be who you think i am, but that doesn’t mean who i am is so awful.

do you really know your friends? how they feel? how smart they are? are you meeting new people with an open mind? are you giving them a chance to show you who they are, or is your mind already made up?