Can someone make me these boots?


I can admit I have random talents, but i am not confident enough to follow this instructable from urban threads … So is anyone out there more confident than me in their crafty skills? I will totally pay what they are worth as I love boots, and I am coming up empty in my city wide search – who decided boots aren’t fashionable in spring :p

Other option… Do you have, or know where I can purchase, mid-calf suede boots in size 6 or 6.5? I swapped for a pair from aldo with a scrunched top, but the sleeve (?) Is a little too narrow to pull my heel into as there are no zippers. But i love them! And i am determined to find a replacement!

Anything at this point is helpful as not only am I determined – but stubborn, and insist in having them NOW rather than waiting for next fall.


From big to super mini – creating a Christmas concert skirt for a little friend




Every time I start a project that little voice in my head says “good-golly YOU can’t make that!!” … Then half way through, when It’s all coming together the little fans in my head start cheering “you DID it!” Gangster posin in the face of the first loudmouth. (yep this is really what happens inside my head – crazy land)

So, I did it. Took a photo of a ladies skirt and created a copy for a wee little lady and her school Christmas concert. YEAH she will be the moat beautiful belle at the ball!

… I just hope it fits

what NOT to wear, according to men

Today i find myself obligated to pass on a post i read over at 91.5 the beat titled “Clothing Women Love But Men Hate” based on a recent story in the Daily Mail. i am so glad someone finally put it in writing because I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING!

i love that the men dont just hate these items we think are essentials, but they think they are downright HIDEOUS.

take the following as a public service announcement…

UGG BOOTS —  i say they just look silly with shorts or summer dresses. come on! they are winter boots, or better yet – slippers. who was the genius who decided it was cool to wear your slipper boots out in public? the article states they thinks “Most men prefer a sexy high stiletto over a chunky boot that hides the foot and ankle” but i disagree. flats were not listed in the “hideous” list.  men are not so totally horny that they only want super sexy shoes. they (like myself) just hate the slipper boot.

HOOP EARRINGS (giant ones) — “They get in the way,” says Jay Walker, a personal trainer in Toronto. “Aesthetically, they aren’t pleasing to look at.”  Jancelewicz adds, “Two words: ghetto fabulous.”  … agreed. if you cant turn your head without your earrings getting caught on your sweater they need to be recycled into a necklace!

be careful on the length. Rule of thumb: if you can see your butt cheeks, then it’s too short. “They can make the most gorgeous girl look like a sleaze,” says Walker.

HAREM PANTS — flat out ..these only belong in bad 90’s videos.

pants with the words “cutie” or “juicy” emblazoned across the butt say anything but! if you have to wear ANYthing stating whether you are ‘cute’ or ‘sassy’ your probably not. writing it on your shirt or pants will not change who you actually are…. just accept that.

GLADIATOR SANDALS — personally i have always hated these. they are too big and overpowering for anything other than your Xena Warrior Princess costume, but the original article goes into a little more detail over their reasoning… “It looks weird when you’re wearing a spring dress and then you have these massive gladiator sandals,” says Jancelewicz. they talk more that perhaps its simply men are afraid of complications… which is exactly what these particular sandals scream.

LEGGINGS — this one i may have to argue, as long as they are worn appropriately and with your personal body type in consideration. my husband loves these. i am uncomfortable but try to wear them. Now that said… long tops really are the only acceptable partner to leggings. please dont wear with a bikini top, or cropped tops, or anything that clearly shows all the lines of your bum. again that look belongs only in early 90’s music videos.

OTHER NO-NO’S — jumpsuits (too 70’s), headbands (anything in hair = complicated. remember what i said about that. in fact… everything in the movie The Ugly Truth is all true. live by it!), tuxedos (reserve for the man. not much works for them lol), dungarees (wtf?), over-sized sunglasses (get in the way of kissing and begs the question “what [problem] are you hiding?”)

really…? who got so hooked on the wardrobe of 90’s music videos, that it became such a hot trend?

Now that i have ripped apart every one of my friends closets, i will remind you there are a number of trends that didnt make this hate list:

  • skinny jeans (silent cheers!)
  • coloured jeans (i know your thrilled for this one steph lol)
  • bustier tops
  • off shoulder tees (sooo 80’s but they must love the ‘skin’ aspect)
  • shorts over leggings (or even cropped leggings under skirts)


lets build a Clothing MEN love but WOMEN hate list. leave your comments below.

did you know…

occasionally i do step out of my cocoon (craft room) and brave the real world. it’s a big step… reading the gossip and watching the news… where more often than not i shout “how did i miss that!?” .. oh right. because i avoid the real world and all its drama, death and war.

here is what i learned today:

Avril Lavine has a clothing line called Abbey Dawn, full of skulls, doodles and her own punk rocker style.

Avril Lavigne Abbey Dawn Sexy by Avril Ramona Lavigne.

(found under avril’s very own flickr account… kinda COOL!!)

Selena gomez also has a clothing line called Dream out Loud, offering organic clothing and a boho mix-em-up style that i truly love. very Wizards of Waverly Place!

Dream out Loud is yet to be released. some sites say fall 2010, others say July 2010 — but only at Kmart. fingers crossed that sears (sister company) carries it too, and stays true to the idea that all items will be under $25 (doesnt mean $24.99 either!!) more photos of clothing line

Olsen twins have three clothing lines!!


olsenboye for the Californian beach babes,

elizabeth and james for the older punk twenty-something crowd

and the row offering basics to everyone (ladies of all ages) but at the extreme of $375/tshirt!

Jeeze… i really missed all that news?? where the heck was i??!

… dont get me wrong. im not poking fun. they are all super for the markets they are trying to reach. all very different, but perfect in their own way. in fact i think i fell in love with something from each of them. cant wait to see selena’s line though. it may very well be my favorite.

BUT seeing that each of their lines were carried by a different store also lead me to thinking (once again) that as the designer i dont ever WANT to see my clothing on sale at a department store. i am perfectly content selling at small unique boutiques…. until the day i find a way to open my own UROCK boutique…. selling all the creations (you know that means anything + everything) i can manage to create.

i dream that someday my sweet princess will take over the line, as many of the ideas come from her anyways.

hummm… off in that dream land again

well, goodnight real world … hello creative fantasy land…

discovering office casual

of which i have no idea. its one of those things they make up a term for .. that actually encompasses everything. ‘office casual’ really depends on your perception of what ‘office dressy’ is. there in which lies the question. every office is different. one place i visited this meant jeans with no rips. another office decided this meant ties but no jackets. sigh… so here i sit trying to decided what ‘office casual’ means to this new place i now reside.

my thoughts:

  • skirts at or below the knee
  • no bare shoulders
  • minimal skin (absolutely no risk of belly skin showing– not that i dress like that anyways)
  • not skin tight (although, if its long.. well this one is questionable)

this still leaves a lot of room for interpretation. wonder if it should exclude handmade or vintage? ack! heaven forbid that comes up… i will quit then lol.

i have fallen in love with this site

.. and vow to use it for inspiration. to make, or to co-ordintate current articles

i think this works (minus the hat) meaning its the fabrics too. no cotton jersey. silky, chiffon and flowing. and im sure i remember my mom telling me that “bare legs are never seen on a lady” and truly that is who works in a professional office, right? a lady…?

but i love those boots. i think they fall under the ‘casual’ term.


must find vintage brown boots.

for $5

haha. wish me luck. the rest.. i can make.

love this little one too. veeery vintage in the brocade fabric. i might even have some since im a shop-a-holic when it comes to pretty fabrics. ha. i think i even have a vintage pattern too. gosh i think i will be busy recreating my wardrobe. wish i could sew as fast as i type. (the machine does not like high speeds. its cheap, and it snaps its needle when i exceed the 1000 pokes a second limit)

use to have creamy white boots too. but i gave them away to someone. humm. not sure who though.

so i hunt for new ones.. but there are so many to choose from. i cant decide.

… all in etsy. (click pics to see listings.)