I can see the floor!

Every few months I have to not only tidy the craft room, but also purge the clutter. That fabric I just had to have, and then kept for a special occasion… And it never came so its still sitting in a box… Time to go.


Bye bye Styrofoam trees, bye bye home decor magazines, bye bye sewing patterns and jewelry display rack #5… And to everyone in my family’s delight, bye bye giant Rubbermaid of denim scraps!


Scraps (between 2×5 and 12×12 inches. Jersey, denim, cotton, velour) – $2 a grocery bag


More scraps – $2 a grocery bag


Fairly large (yard or more) fabrics – $2 each


Vintage sewing patterns (70s, 80s) – $1 each


Magazines – free!!


More scraps.. sigh.

But my room is beautifully clean + the floor is clear. Stock hanging in the actual closet, fabric all on one wall, completed works organized. Feels sooo nice.

Email or comment if your interested in something. I am available almost every hour of the day.


why you should take down the christmas tree asap

it could become what my daughter called a “stuffie tree”

i admit i didnt want to take it down simply because it filled this little space so nicely. i have a very awkwardly shaped rectangular living room, making it very hard to place my furniture. when we decided to put the tree here, well, i just couldnt imagine the space without it. maybe it can be a year round tree… decorated according to the seasons.


cookies morning noon and night


now that i finally dug out the holiday decorations, and put up the tree, i can feel that christmassy joy flowing through me. so much that all i want to do is eat all our yummy homemade gifts and stocking candies.

last year we made cookies for some gifts, but since i dont plan ahead for things like that, i realized after all the stores were closed that i didnt have vanilla. resourceful as i am (ha) i saw i had three bottles of peppermint extract… and in they went. must have been fate because they were the best cookies ever — and now a new tradition. we have already made two batches….


… of which i finished off at breakfast. seems i better start the january workout mania now.

but first.. back to the kitchen.

genius idea for kitchen compost bin

i have been searching for a cool (and by cool i mean funky stylish and never get tired of looking at) container for our indoor compost collections. i have run into issues with all my containers this far, little things, but this morning i had a wave of ingenuity. im a genius. first the things that always went wrong

  • the lid was missing or didnt fit tightly = pesky little flies or bad bad smell
  • made of tine so rusted inside = over time, as fruit juices sit, rust developed.  made me worry that the rust is getting into my lovely clean compost and just ruining the whole process.
  • ugly container = when empty someone (mother-in-law or husband) either tosses it in the recycling or puts away in a cupboard
  • too small = find that im dumping it three times a day, or just filling another container and then having this open collection of food causing all the above issues lining my countertop. (next issue will be to conquer the actual amount of food wasted)

… seems petty, but if im going to convince my family that this WILL work (me making my own garden dirt) it has to exceed all these expectations.

my wave of ingenuity?? … hummm…. what type of container has a lid and can hold wet items for long periods of time and offers many many funky patterns to choose from? i will let you think about that for a sec… doo dee doo dee doo dee do… doo dee doo dee doot dee- doo de-doo-dee …

ice buckets!!

The coolest :: Breezer

Groovy :: Twirl Vintage Co

Who's drinking :: Jeantyson

Puralum Pedestal :: Bonita Bonita

Plaid Ice :: American Degenerate

80's Retro :: wunder plunder

Daher Butterfly :: im so vintage

but while i was looking at all the choices in esty, and falling in love with each and every one, i also decided a nice fancy tin bucket would make for a grrreat cookie tin. right now our cookie jar is the fancy looking “Chrisitie – Premium Plus” saltine crackers tin. its tall and skinny and really cool, but its not vintage. and the problem – for almost everything in my house — its not big enough!

i will resolve (haha trying to make that word a part of my everday life, to make work life easier — but i will talk more about that late) these issues momentarily. right now i need a coffee, and may stop into the local thrift shop up the street to see if i find anything better. i am, you will soon realize, the have-to-have-it-right-now girl. i dont like to wait once i get really excited about an idea.

who doesn’t LOVE glittery jewelry for Mother’s Day?!

quick shot of my fabulous mother’s day gifts from the princess…

… on a side note, my mom now works at this adorable vintage store in cambridge called NEST … vintage fit for a princess in fact! thanks to her job she discovered this colourful little quilt, which is now in my possession.

it has a few holes, and needs a little love… which makes it the perfect project for the early designer and myself. she will cut beautiful shapes to cover the holes — and i will sew them on. through the holes i can see the patchwork covers actual vintage quilting but its so deteriorated in places, all that remains is the batting, grey and used looking. i will try to keep you posted, although it could take a while before i actually begin … you see, it’s really cozy. finally, i understand why i kinda have a thing for vintage fabrics. it’s not just the patterns that draw me in…  but the feel. worn cotton (good cotton) is so soft.