New original tees for new ladies collection

I am proud to announce the addition of new ladies tees, 100% created by ME! Not just recycled by covering an ugly or outdated logo, but recut, restyled and redesigned for my new simply recycled ladies collection. These ones won’t have the characters, but might have “i think I rock” snuck in somehow…



They are still a work in progress as the sizes are still being tested. And of course, so far, these are the only two created.



Tees will be available soon on etsy, but also October 27th at the MADE BY HAND show at the Mississauga international center.

Next to add.. straight skirts in multiple lengths from recycled logo tees. You know the kind, when you go on vacation and buy the cheesy “i went to Hawaii” with a picture if a sunset or flowers??  I personally like a fitted skirt but as it’s the kind of fabric that will show a lot. So, I’m still working on the design as I want to be sure my clothing will flatter any body type.

But … I need some large sized models/testers. I need one of each: size 29, 30, 34 jean in the kitchener waterloo area … Just message or email me to set something up.


finally making it my own

about two years ago (i think) i begged and pleaded for the wacom tablet. my intention was to add my own creative touch into the computer graphics world, not just on paper. so finally, in the downtime between shows, the onset of a cold (possibly flu) … i sat my butt down and connected the wonder tablet into the brand new computer to start the creation of my very own customized website.

i dont think im done yet. not totally in love…

but done for tonight.

new flickr fan group + coolness contest

i love to see photos of YOU wearing UROCK gear, but your all a little hesitant. dont be shy. after all that is the overall idea right. let the world see your light shining; your inner self; the real you. but if that doesn’t entice you perhaps this will…

i am starting a monthly contest, and only those who send in a photo of themselves or family members wearing UROCK are eligible.

little UROCK fans

either upload your photos to the new flickr group : urockfans

or email them to

on the first of the month, winners will be selected by random (before looking i will choose a random number. if the numbers get to high i will use one of those fancy online random number generators)

look for this image in the sidebar to take you directly to the flickr group.

online shop open!!

i realize for those of you from out of town getting your butt into Rarefunk is sometimes a challenge. to help you out a bit, and cure your hunger for the coolest rockin gear …


for those of you who have ordered custom items, they will be listed in etsy too, as an attempt to make my life a little easier.

Save the shop as a favorite (in etsy) or you can find it listed under SHOP on the left side of this blog

save $ while shopping U ROCK?

photo for coupon

have a favorite tee that you recently purchased from me… i wanna see it! PLUS just by sending me shots of yourself, or the entire family, in their UROCK (or formerly sweet) gear i will send you a coupon for 15% off your next purchase.

Mail to: urockrecycled[at] gmail [dot] com

Please include whether you shop online, or at Rarefunk with your photo, and your mailing address.

if your not ready yet this offer will remain… well… forever. or until i have enough photos that i grow tired of seeing my happy fans faces. You can send more than one photo but i will only issue you with one coupon per month.