The princess and her rebel

Ever been out driving and took a corner to fast or snuck out to a rooftop, where no one should be, and thought “yes! More of that please” ? Today I realized, while I live this reserved, mediocre (boring) princess-in-a-tower kinda life, something in me craves the fast, wild and dangerous. And while my personal sense of danger is not exactly what everyone else in the world would consider risky, its far beyond what this princess was able to experience from the safety of her tall tall tower. 

Lately I had a deep desire for a different kind of job, and I was really regretting not going to school for nursing or forensic sciences. At first I thought it was just because I was watching too much “Walking Dead” and felt I needed a skill, but today I realized it was actually because there is more potential for danger and risk than what I was getting sitting behind my boring computer in a boring office all day. Sure there are funny stories, but I’m not saving the world here. 

The over-dramatized recollections of my day are more for me, to convince myself yes indeed you are being “risky” … But really quite silly because I’m not at all. 

I used to opt for the clear calculated solutions to problems, but no one gets anywhere like that these days. Not with a business, and not in life

The little things I do, like drive too fast around corners, eating a great before I pay for the bundle, or turn off the GPS and try to find my own way home are my princess ways of getting a little dangerous… I’m still in training afterall. I haven’t traded my shiny ballet shoes in for the muddy combat boots just yet. 

But thankfully I keep a real risky person nearby as best I can. Close enough to be my favorite person in fact.

Now remember, I’m not talking about a gun-slinging, drug dealing psycho … No no. More like a rebel. a kind hearted bad guy who breaks the rules but never with the intent to harm a person. Like Disney’s rapunzel and her dangerous boy – yes! Exactly like that. That’s my life completely … Ooh maybe I need to ask for some royalties or something. 


The scene where she is out of her tower for the first time, and she’s torn between wonder and fear – that’s literally how I felt the first time he took me to Toronto.


… Happy, excited, amazed … And suddenly nervous. Was that a gunshot? Lets go see what are those people doing on that dark alley .. oh that’s a bad idea? Why?

He speaks of the bad in the world, and I listen in awe. some things are hard to grasp because they are so far beyond the walls of my Disney fairytale, but I wouldn’t give any of the knowledge back now that I have it. 

He drives the sportsbike, and I hold on real tight behind him. He maintains clear control as he spins the car through snow, and I just smile. He’s covered in tattoos and I might have met my threshold with the single one I got as a kid. He is my thrill and excitement. He is my  opposite, and to me, we fit perfectly. 


There are many couples I know who are not opposites, but almost as though they’ve been cut from the same rock. Match so perfectly, same tastes, same styles. But I wonder … are there others out there whose favorite person happens to be their complete opposite?

Thanks to my fans, old and new

Why couldn’t yesterday have been like today… Sun, no wind … 11 degrees!? Sigh. All in all I would like the say THANK YOU to all the urock fans who stoped by the booth at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival yesterday. It really made my day!! Note to other artists reading the blog… Putting up curtain walls to hold off the frigid breeze is not the best idea I’ve had. Yes we stayed warm, but it created theses massive sails that either lifted and pushed our tent closer and closer to the little cafe across the street, or billowed so big it knocked everything over. I liked the look of my mismatched curtains, but the plan needs to be reworked a little… I saw this one artist who tied lattice work to create “walls, and secured to the ground by cinder blocks. Then I can secure my curtains to the lattice!!


Yep. That’s the plan! Including those pvc concrete filled tubes to weigh the baby down. Again…. Thank you to all my fans, both old and new.

lastnight i fell in love… with a car, a house and a place

not very often do i get to leave the house for a girls night out, and even less often do i find myself enjoying any of the James Bond movies to the point i want to watch it again and again and again. BUT, Both happened lastnight while watching the new Bond movie Skyfall. Actually there were a few things i wasn’t expecting. it became clear to me that unlike a lot of girls, i have a huge passion for hot cars – both new and vintage, thus my first “oh my god – i WANT that” happened the moment they revealed Bond’s vintage Aston Martin DB5

thankfully, as DB5s are considered one of the most desirable classic British sports cars, and auctioned for up to AUD$750,000, the producer decided to use awesome digital effects to shoot, blowup and destroy this beauty  again i say, thank goodness. (i may love the car, but that’s not something i just knew… i read it here

my next “woah!” moment was near the end of the movie as Bond + M drove up to his childhood home. AAAAmazing stone house, with an equally amazing interior of dark wood floors, rustic iron chandeliers and secret passages in the wood paneled walls.

Here’s the shocker…. the house ISNT REAL!! it was made of cardboard and wood. Now part of me is crazy impressed because it looks so real and beautiful.. but the other part is sad, because it IS so beautiful.

more photos of the construction process —

Granted it was modelled after a real scottish castle apparently just up the road from this site. “Duntrune Castle is located across Loch Crinan from the village of Crinan, Argyll, Scotland. It is thought to be the oldest continuously occupied castle in Scotland. Originally built by the McDougall clan in the twelfth century, Duntrune Castle was eventually taken by the Campbell clan via”” … AAAAnnd.. some claim its haunted!! totally my cup o’ tea.

So, my theory…  if they can do it, so can i. One day, when i’m famous enough to house built, a recreation of THIS one will be the one – secret passages + all!! that being said.. i want the ghost and the lake too. hummm looks like i may have to find a way to convince the family to let go of it, and me be a movin to scotland.

technology hates me today

So, lastnight, because apparently I can’t be away from my phone for a mere 20 minutes, I took my phone into the bathroom to entertain me during my bath.

Ok WAIT …  It was more like my supposed to be relaxing bath, but was actually a rather awkward situation where a person sat in what looked like a giant cup of tea, herbs and all. I read it was good for your skin and other bits to add Epsom salts + rosemary to your bath. epsom i already knew, but this rosemary thing was new. So i ran out, bought a jar of dried rosemary, and stupid tired me just dumped a cup into the tub. Lesson for next time: rather than sitting amongst tiny green sticks perhaps filling a tea strainer, or even a freaking stocking, would be smarter. All in all, bath worked for me. did what it said and my skin is suuuuuper duper soft.

… oh but my phone… It does NOT like steam baths.

It got too sweaty and started freaking out. I understand though.. too much sweat and I do the same. even though the bugger spent the night drying out in a tub of rice, it is still actin’ a fool. The little robots inside must be effected by water like humans with alcohol, because randomly it will open my camera app — and actually take a photo. it’s mostly of my hand or the inside of my purse, but holy battery killer. Then it was on a time-out for bad behavior, it turned on and started opening other apps. bad phone. bad, bad, baaad.

So i decided to work from the computer. i was gathering some more christmas music and just generally fiddling about… when plickity-plow, it freaked out, and froze. fine. restarted the cell phone, back to it perhaps. ten minutes later, computer still frozen., cell phone still opening things all by itself. thankfully i worked tech support for a good chunk of time, so i knew there were a few things i could try. restart computer. freeze. restart. scan. at this point i decided to flip back to the cell, and do my work from there while the computer went through its rehab. Nope. not going t0 work either. the camera popped open 15 times as i wrote three sentences. fine. clearly the camera robot was feeling neglected, so i took advantage of the open app and snapped a shot of the frustrating laptop situation still going on– lovely pose madame laptop.

another restart of the computer and finally things seemed to be back on track. cell phone retired for the evening, work completed, and inquiring minds soothed (hopefully)

my though behind all this kerfuffle is that karma will always come back to teach you a lesson. lie to your wife, your best friend will lie to you. throw a rock at a bird, he will poop all over your car. Its usually related (in my book of how it works) so what has me stumped is what did i do to piss off the technology bird so darn much for every bit of computerized gadgetry to freak out on me tonight?? oooh unless he’s saying “just put down the cell phone/computer and back away… back away”

hummm. perhaps.

okay technology bird — tomorrow i will not touch you. at all! so there

Sometimes new is better

Usually I’m a stickler for the “use what you have; make it work” philosophy in all areas of my life. Coat ripped – fix it. Dress doesn’t fit me anymore – reshape for the kid. Plate broken – turn it into something else. No vanilla extract – flavor with something else. Make it work!

But just this once, I’m glad my shopaholic personality took over my body for the day, splurged a whole ten dollars (compared to $2) and bought me a new watercolour set.


I never realized just how bad my old set was until I started working with this new set… So bright and vibrant … and premixed variations of colours. That’s a big one because I could never keep the bright colour when I mixed it myself. They all came out kinda gray 😦

But now … Wow


Granted the old set was from the dollar store, and all chalky to touch before I even started painting … could be the reason it sucked. Could be … But I hope all those worries are gone as this new set feels beautiful just swirling the wet brush around in the little pod of paint. Be-eee-a-utiful!