Instead of dinner, I made a new bag – that’s ok.. right?



It’s small as its just a tester but I think I’m ready to make some more. it was easy enough to satisfy my short attention span, and still unique enough to stand out. So… Whadda ya think?


Funny floating monster heads, for new UROCK project


Yeah they kinda look like the old monsters on the cards I have, but i have much bigger plans for these special guys. Little do they know … But they will be cut out and secured to random bits of wood — turning them into lovely fridge or locker magnets!! YEAH that’s an awesome idea (a little self horn-tooting) Come see the first few samples this Sunday along the iron horse trail (near city cafe on Victoria + strange st, kitchener) from 1pm to 5pm

from drab shirt to diva style

i know its been a while, and until i get my brain wrapped around a real job and my body used to actually having something to do, my excuse for a boring blog is starting this new job. there are a lot fewer hours to sew when you work 8-5 outside of the house. lesson im still working on… winding down from work really fast, and getting to the sewing before dinner.

a few days ago the princess and i were doing a little shopping. she fell in love with latest trend of plaid dress shirt like… uh dresses (strangely awkward sentence). once again i was face to face with the prime reason i started sewing clothing for my daughter — it was $34!! at zellers!! i might understand if it was a high-end brand name … but zellers?

i convinced her i could make a much better dress, and reluctantly she put the dress back. i feel bad because shes so young and i am always telling her “its too expensive”. i feel even worse because its not that we dont have the money. i just dont see the point if i can actually make it.

i used her daddys old cowboy style polyester bar shirt. he grows tired.. we get a new wardrobe. the floral waistband and sleeve detail is from a shirt i fell in love with.. on the hanger. okay i admit it,  i was only in love with the fabric lol. i also had one of grandma’s lycra party shirts in zebra print. shame to cut it up… hahahah. okay. phew thats out. once again making the ugly unwanted into diva style.

of course, we had to sass it up with a super neon satin heart. gosh its freakin bright. anyways … she loves it

… and that’s all that matters.

risks offer big rewards

today is a lazy day as i try to get my brain in gear for fall. i dont really get how super designers do this… how do they create two seasons ahead of what they are living in; how do i design winter sweaters in the middle of the summer. and yes i do believe we will have three more months of hotness … so why not just keep up with tanks. ugh. clearly my brain is not ready for the big time.

so i go one day at a time.

i have been trying to design a simple but interesting screen print, to take my work to the ‘next level’… i feel the tees and things need more than just the characters. plus not all peices i have in mind work with a child like character. so i needed another way to keep things together.

but detailed screens are hard to make, especially when i love the ‘hand-drawn’ look.

so i took a risk…
new idea avec SHARPIE!! by you.
and coloured RIGHT ON THE TEE.

why not, right?

there is no worrying about how to make it hand-drawn. no waiting for paint to dry. and its all me. so this might be my new trend. and its super fast which is a total bonus for me. but why a city scape? not sure haha. just something i always seem to doodle. and YES IT IS A COINCIDENCE that my man has it tattooed on his arm. or maybe fate — that we both think so alike. im serious. no sarcasm. its FATE!!

i originally started this business by coloring right on the tees, but with skinny sharpies. i felt back then it needed some sewing. thankfully it only took me two years to realize a combination of the two is what i really needed.

after jumpin up and down in excitement over the new tees, i shared my skills and taught a friend to sew. actually im sure she already knew how… but i helped her transform her skinny jeans to a rocking skinny skirt. (i will try to convince this ‘creative barbie’ to send me some pics. )

teaching a lesson by you.

i tried my hardest not to just take the project, and sew it myself. not because she was doing a bad job — but because i am a control freak… in the sense that “your taking too long — oh here let me do it!” maybe thats more like a speed freak lol. are you done yet? how bout now? and now? why arent you done yet??!

personal moment…

(this is hard. just breathe…)

i am not a friend keeper. i have many aquaitences but never take that big step to let them close, and make them ‘friends’. i had really awesome, always there for me, laugh with me friends… but …i woke up one day and the friendship was done. they moved or just stopped calling. i gave so much and infact relied on their opinions more than i should have. my desire to keep these friends lead to letting them walk all over me, and take advantage of my kindness. i would be there for them thru anything they needed — but never really saw the same in return. i literally lost a boy, furniture and money to people like this…. the un-friend.

i was so afraid of giving everything i have, and that new friend running for the hills with my treasure in hand, that i decided to avoid all friend like commitments. when a potential friend asked me to hang out, i hesitated til it was too late. deep inside i knew these people were not bad.. and would never do what i imagined… but i was scared. having takers as friends was hard work, and depressing really. i didnt want the work it took, just to get nothing in return. i cant describe my reasoning really. it was like these takers depressed me. i had no one to turn to, which tarnished my idea of what a friend was. if that’s what friendship is supposed to be — if everyone’s friendships work this way, then cutting off friends was clearly the safer choice.

i didnt realize how damaging to my own character that decision was

… and only when i took a risk to make new friends did i see this.

its dorky but having friends and people to turn to … or even just talk to…  is a fabulous motivator. holy crap im 30 and i finally understand what a real friend is. i am happy when i get up in the morning. i laugh at things again. i have ideas flowing like crazy too. once again i cant sew fast enough to get the ideas out. i even feel like i have the strength to go out and talk to people. maybe even make more friends. its a contagious feeling — i just want more.

lesson learned: having real-decent-honest friends is good for your health.

so go! … find a friend!!

(uhm a real-decent-honest friend. not a taker friend)

i will try to convince this ‘creative barbie’ to send me some pics.