Crafty tshirt time

Today my boredom turned into crafty tshirt time. While the little miss Saud she didn’t need anything new for back to school, I thought I would pimp out some of her old tees for her


I’ve returned to my original method of printing, and dragged out the good ole freezer paper roll. One thing I learned – freezer paper is very different than wax paper. Not all grocery stores carry it, but don’t try to substitute. Take the time. Find freezer paper.


Next time I think I will let the kid draw her own designs, afterall I have to let her use the tools I have provided her … Offer the lesson, and hands off while they work through their own trial + errors of perfecting their skills. We all work differently, and just because I paint left to right, doesn’t mean that’s the only way the job can be done.

This was hard for me in the beginning, to let the kid do it herself; her own way. But then one day she surprised me with just how creative and good she is. Now I actually ask her for ideas and inspiration.





And now I’m ready to paint more…

UPDATE: bee got crafty too. We saw jeans at urban behaviour that were all Doodled. Bee instantly said “oooh I wanna do that!”




Key of dreams


Lastnight I had a dream that i was frantically collecting keys from a wild field. Massive oversized keys, tiny delicate keys, new keys, old keys … You name it, I had it. Stuffing my pockets, and struggling to hold the rest in my tiny hands.

Dream dictionary online says …
“To dream that you find a key indicates that you have found a solution to a problem.” …well I found 1000! I did discover the underlying reasons as to why I do certain things I do, which is the first step in moving past them. So yeah! Onward I roll

Or maybe it was just so bee and i could make millions of these...

Which I think are stunning by the way! (found through interest – thanks Wendy for sharing)

from drab shirt to diva style

i know its been a while, and until i get my brain wrapped around a real job and my body used to actually having something to do, my excuse for a boring blog is starting this new job. there are a lot fewer hours to sew when you work 8-5 outside of the house. lesson im still working on… winding down from work really fast, and getting to the sewing before dinner.

a few days ago the princess and i were doing a little shopping. she fell in love with latest trend of plaid dress shirt like… uh dresses (strangely awkward sentence). once again i was face to face with the prime reason i started sewing clothing for my daughter — it was $34!! at zellers!! i might understand if it was a high-end brand name … but zellers?

i convinced her i could make a much better dress, and reluctantly she put the dress back. i feel bad because shes so young and i am always telling her “its too expensive”. i feel even worse because its not that we dont have the money. i just dont see the point if i can actually make it.

i used her daddys old cowboy style polyester bar shirt. he grows tired.. we get a new wardrobe. the floral waistband and sleeve detail is from a shirt i fell in love with.. on the hanger. okay i admit it,  i was only in love with the fabric lol. i also had one of grandma’s lycra party shirts in zebra print. shame to cut it up… hahahah. okay. phew thats out. once again making the ugly unwanted into diva style.

of course, we had to sass it up with a super neon satin heart. gosh its freakin bright. anyways … she loves it

… and that’s all that matters.

now im all gluey

why? when my internet died (yesterday) not only was i panicking but i was bored. thankfully the computer still worked so i watched some halloween movies (Pirates of the Caribbean) and got in the mood to start our halloween decorations

the plan this year is to turn our cute little house into the haunted tiki-tiki cannibal camp. okay i dont really know what to call it, but the idea came from Pirates of the Caribbean 2, when jack was captured by the man eating natives.

Still of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Still of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

or this voodoo witches …house? what do you call a witches house?

Still of Naomie Harris in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Still of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Still of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

i spent the day making paper mache skulls which we will put a flameless candle (battery candle) in the base… ooh scarry. i also made ONE bone.

paper mache skull + bone by you.
still needs paint and some nose holes cut out.

i think its going to take a reeeeally long time to recreate this scene, especially since this is the inside of the house, and i am decorating the OUTside. i cant seem to get/find a clear shot from the movie of the outside so its all up to my wonderful imagination.


daddy should be jack (but its going to take a lot of convincing)

mommy will be calypso

… and bee is struggling with a decision because she really wants to be a tap dancing fairy, but clearly a tap dancing fairy doesnt fit into our pirates theme. once again she will probably have two or three costumes.

instead of sleeping i made a dress

i drank my coffee as usual today, and started sewing thru the pile of precut shirts that has been growing since … lets just say christmas. one coffee got me thru 10 shirts. so i had another… and so on and so on. i built the etsy shop, and added this links to facebook and this blog. more coffee… .its a lot of work to update the many different social circles i felt obligated to join. all that said (and drank) its 1am and im still awake.

i was staring at this fabric i recently found… which im sure was sheer curtains for someone once upon a time. i loved the sketch like flowers along the bottom, and how the yellow faded into cream. it was calling my name.

so i made a dress.

DSCN5487 DSCN5489

not sure if its sexy enough for the Toronto birthday party i was making it for, but its fun — and comfortable. plus i hate to admit this (keep it a secret between u and me) but the leggings+heels look is growing on me. its not sooo horribly 80’s .. if its done right. right?